Welsh Relay Championships External Results
16 Sep 17
3KL 2.5KL 1.5KNAD 5KL 

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3KL U17M L1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
19:48Tomos Rees  U17MCarmarthen 9:396.7 
29:54Spencer Smith  U17MNewport H  2.1 
310:04Morgan Glyndwr James  U17MCardiff  8.4 
410:22Brychan Price Davies  U17MBrecon  -2.7 
510:37Trystan Leech PBU17MCarmarthen 10:569.9 
610:43Ben Smith  U17MAberdare Valley  3.5 
711:26Jake Seville  U17MNewport H  5.5 
812:55Samuel Hartnoll  U17MLlanelli  28.9 
3KL U17M L2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
19:45Jackson Mountford  U17MNewport H  -1.9 
210:16Archi Morgan  U17MCarmarthen  8.9 
310:29David Locke  U17MNewport H  -4.7 
410:43James Gold  U17MCardiff  2.0 
510:49Sion Coyle  U17MBrecon  21.5 
611:01Iwan Gardiner  U17MAberdare Valley  15.2 
714:02Harrison James  U17MLlanelli  30.1 
3KL U17M L3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
19:37Ben Thomas PBU17MCarmarthen 9:02-2.4 
29:49Remi Adebiyi  U17MNewport H  -4.6 
310:21Liam Griffiths  U17MAberdare Valley  5.1 
410:40Iestyn Edwards  U17MCardiff 9:420.4 
510:41Evan Price-Davies  U17MBrecon  1.2 
611:17Luke Gawthorn  U17MNewport H  0.0 
711:43Callum Campion  U17MLlanelli 11:380.2 
3KL U15M L1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:14Charlie Holland  U15MSwansea  3.1 
210:26Liam Edwards PBU15MCarmarthen 9:33-2.0 
310:40Cierion Jones U15MAberdare VAAC    
410:51Cai Llwyd Jones  U15MMenai  13.7 
510:55Cameron Lawrence  U15MMenai  4.2 
611:10Iwan White PBU15MSwansea 12:542.5 
711:28Lloyd Jones PBU15MCardiff 10:150.4 
811:43Sebastian Julier  U15MAberdare Valley  15.4 
911:50Jack Cain  U15MMenai  23.2 
3KL U15M L2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:18Jacob Reynolds  U15MCardiff 9:50-1.7 
210:54Iwan James Smith  U15MCardiff  3.7 
310:56Iwan Coyle  U15MBrecon  9.1 
411:23Logan Lambe  U15MSwansea  20.3 
511:35Darian James  U15MAberdare Valley  24.3 
611:44Oscar Denton  U15MNewport H  5.3 
711:55Miles Hill  U15MSwansea  6.2 
812:27Daniel Meehan  U15MNewport H  9.6 
912:39Ethan Jones  U15MBrecon  21.0 
3KL U15M L3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
19:59Benjamin Reynolds  U15MCardiff 9:15-3.6 
210:18Dafydd Jones  U15MCarmarthen 8:46-3.6 
310:30Adam Beer  U15MLlanelli  -0.6 
410:46Samuel Bird  U15MLlanelli  8.8 
511:02Joshua Jones  U15MNewport H  4.9 
611:14Jac Chapman U15MCarmarthen Harriers    
711:24Luka Smyth  U15MSwansea  24.0 
811:26Ieuan Griffiths  U15MLlanelli  3.2 
912:40Charlie Brown  U15MSwansea  23.0 
1013:00Harvey Parsons  U15MBrecon  27.7 
2.5KL U13M L1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
18:53Joseff Morgan  U13MMenai  -2.3 
28:59Ioan Cressey-Rodgers  U13MCarmarthen  12.8 
39:08Tom Attwood  U13MBridgend  0.4 
49:12Ben Farrell  U13MCardiff  -0.5 
59:48Arthur Bell  U13MBrecon  9.6 
69:55Leo Stark  U13MNewport H  -0.5 
710:37Joseph Beresford  U13MSwansea  24.6 
811:56Ethan Meyrick  U13MCardiff  19.4 
2.5KL U13M L2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
19:42Rory Orton  U13MBrecon  20.3 
29:55Oliver Humphreys  U13MNewport H  0.1 
310:17Christian Garcia  U13MSwansea  18.2 
410:45Steffan Davies  U13MCarmarthen  2.4 
511:05Joseph Joyce  U13MCardiff  6.0 
611:19Dafydd Pratchett  U13MBridgend  6.3 
711:22Dylan Robb  U13MMenai  19.4 
2.5KL U13M L3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
19:13Harri Morgan  U13MMenai  5.7 
29:31Rhys Blow  U13MCardiff  7.4 
310:00Isaac Jones  U13MNewport H  6.4 
410:08Isaac Pierce  U13MBrecon  14.2 
510:20Joshua Kerry  U13MBridgend  21.9 
611:24Brynmor Peters U13MCarmarthen Harriers    
712:48Conor O'Shaughnessy  U13MSwansea  33.0 
2.5KL U13M L4
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
18:33Math Thomas  U13MMenai  2.8 
28:40Frank Morgan  U13MCarmarthen/Dyfed Schs  -3.1 
39:19Ben Hughes  U13MCardiff  -1.4 
49:30Cameron Coburn  U13MBridgend  3.7 
59:31Finlay Davies  U13MNewport H  8.0 
69:36Owen Griffiths  U13MBrecon  14.2 
79:56Benjamin Sullivan  U13MSwansea  2.0 
1.5KNAD U11M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:40Iwan Thomas  U11MCarmarthen  0.1 
25:44Ifan Bowen  U11MCarmarthen  2.0 
35:55Kian Wilson  U11MBridgend  7.7 
46:08Jake Lynock  U11MCarmarthen  1.8 
56:10Liam Upton-Boorman  U11MCarmarthen  15.7 
66:14Caian Steadman  U11MBlaenau Gwent  9.1 
76:23Tygan Davies  U11MCarmarthen  18.9 
86:24Elis Penfold  U11MLlanelli  24.2 
96:25Caleb Withers  U11MBlaenau Gwent  20.4Click your Clock logo
106:29Alexander Coles  U11MCarmarthen  6.2 
116:31James Sloyan  U11MCarmarthen  10.6 
126:33David Attwood  U11MBridgend  31.3 
136:48Matthew Blackmore  U11MBlaenau Gwent  31.7 
146:50Leon Gregson  U11MCardiff  23.1 
156:56Hudson Coburn  U11MBridgend  20.4 
167:13Jack Farell  U11MCardiff  33.5 
177:46Aron Bowen  U11MCarmarthen  36.7 
3KL U17W L1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
111:12Bronwen Stratton-Thomas  U17WSwansea 11:056.0 
211:52Eva Edwards PBU17WCarmarthen 12:394.4 
312:21Catrin Donnelly  U17WMenai/Eryri  17.3 
412:24Catrin Phillips  U17WNewport H  8.7 
513:38Bethan Meyrick  U15WCardiff  8.4 
614:22Caitlin Jones  U17WNewport H  21.5 
3KL U17W L2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
112:17Rebecca Martin  U17WSwansea 11:1818.2 
212:35Jody Cain  U17WMenai  8.6 
312:55Bethan Wainwright  U17WNewport H  25.0 
413:05Anna Brown  U17WNewport H  22.5 
513:28Grace Page  U17WCarmarthen/Dyfed Schs  24.3 
613:51Caitlin Chapman  U17WCardiff  17.5 
3KL U17W L3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
111:22Mollie Jones  U17WSwansea 10:5419.4 
211:57Ellie Robinson  U17WNewport H  6.3 
312:34Swyn Edwards  U17WMenai  19.6 
413:03Cerys Davies U17WCarmarthen Harriers    
513:45Lily Gaskin  U17WCardiff/Glamorgan Valleys Schs  21.6 
614:48Shireen Balouch  U17WNewport H  16.9 
3KL U15W L1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:58Nia Clatworthy PBU15WCardiff 10:383.4 
211:12Caitlin Gwyther  U15WSwansea12:2210:5013.6 
311:38Phoebe Davis  U15WCarmarthen  19.6 
411:48Ffion Madi Rees Jones  U15WMenai  11.0 
511:52Ella Morgan  U15WAberdare Valley  18.2 
612:09Georgia Parkinson  U15WMenai  17.0 
712:55Maddie Morgan  U15WCarmarthen 11:4922.7 
813:03Ashleigh Steer  U15WNewport H  9.5 
913:30Eve Bevan  U15WSwansea  22.1 
1015:59Elinor Thomas  U15WLlanelli  29.2 
3KL U15W L2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
111:38Darcie Bass  U15WSwansea11:5010:165.7 
211:49Abbi Parkinson Parkinson U15WMenai T&F    
312:06Bethany Gold  U15WCardiff  11.1 
412:39Lowri Thomas  U15WNewport H  14.5 
512:57Siwan Jones-Evans  U15WCarmarthen 11:4627.4 
613:17Alys Dion Rees Jones  U15WMenai  19.8 
713:34Elin Murphy  U15WSwansea  26.5 
813:36Beca Roberts  U15WCarmarthen  14.8 
913:37Caitlyn Roberts  U15WAberdare Valley  7.1 
1016:09Amy Nicole Mullen  U15WLlanelli  34.0 
3KL U15W L3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:45Samia Jones  U15WMenai  3.1 
210:54Ashleigh Willis  U15WSwansea10:3410:134.7 
311:11Daisy Thompson  U15WCarmarthen 10:4712.7 
411:39Manon Henderson  U15WMenai  31.7 
512:07Megan Friedli  U15WCardiff  8.7 
612:10Elin Griffiths  U15WNewport H  6.9 
712:43Evie Williams-Ford U15WLlanelli AC    
812:51Megan Jones  U15WCarmarthen  30.7 
913:54Caitlin James  U15WAberdare Valley  28.5 
1014:08Mirain Lloyd  U15WSwansea  21.8 
2.5KL U13W L1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:01Bethan Key  U13WBlaenau Gwent  10.8 
210:07Amy Tucker  U13WLlanelli  11.8 
310:08Lily Hart  U13WNewport H  14.3 
410:10Lowri Prosser  U13WBlaenau Gwent  9.7 
510:28Alyssa Baker  U13WNewport H  7.5 
610:35Bethan Adams  U13WLlanelli  11.6 
711:52Hannah Forkuoh  U13WLlanelli  26.4 
813:51Kahlen Jones  U13WLlanelli  38.7 
2.5KL U13W L2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:22Philippa Allen  U13WBridgend  16.0 
210:42Keira Carmody  U13WCarmarthen  27.9 
311:39Alice Bird  U13WLlanelli  29.3 
411:54Hannah Carpenter  U13WLlanelli  32.0 
511:54Sophie Evans  U13WBridgend  9.1 
611:59Mia Thomas  U13WBlaenau Gwent  21.6 
712:03Courtney Brown  U13WLlanelli  21.9 
2.5KL U13W L3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:11Faye Jones  U13WCarmarthen  20.5 
210:18Amy Greatrick  U13WCarmarthen  10.7 
311:16Libby Pearson  U13WCardiff  33.7 
411:26Ffion Windsor  U13WCardiff  26.8 
511:50Mia Allen  U13WBridgend  13.6 
612:03Kiera Griffiths  U13WAberdare Valley  9.0 
2.5KL U13W L4
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
19:46Chloe Hale  U13WBlaenau Gwent  13.6 
29:54Lily Williams  U13WNewport H/Gloucestershire Schs/Chepstow H  6.3 
310:14Jessica Evans  U13WBridgend  5.7 
410:18Ceri Griffiths  U13WNewport H  4.0 
510:18Abi Jarvis  U13WAberdare Valley  12.3 
610:19Milly John  U13WCarmarthen  27.4 
711:15Chloe Simmonite  U13WLlanelli  18.0 
1.5KNAD U11W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:04Ellie Morris  U11WBlaenau Gwent  6.3 
26:10Erin Morgan  U11WCarmarthen  10.7 
36:13Alice Davies  U11WCardiff  8.5 
46:22Millie Gold  U11WCardiff  3.4 
56:35Bessy Hill U11WCarmarthen Harriers    
66:50Anya Drady U11WNewport Harriers    
76:57Lily Stephens  U11WBridgend  11.5 
86:57Aneira Phillips  U11WBridgend  23.1 
97:00Georgie Wilson  U11WBridgend  17.3 
107:06Lowri Windsor  U11WCardiff  16.0 
117:07Gracie Flynn  U11WAberdare Valley  32.9 
127:14Ella Glynn  U11WCarmarthen  33.6 
137:26Georgia Smele  U11WBridgend  17.2 
147:36Amelie Campion  U11WLlanelli  17.4 
158:15Cari Adams  U11WLlanelli  39.3 
1613:10Gwen Jones  U11WAberdare Valley  48.7 
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
113:46Dewi Griffiths PBSENMSwansea13:5813:43-5.3 
214:45Matthew Clowes  SENMCardiff/Cardiff Met Uni/Staffordshire Moorlands14:2713:58-5.7 
315:21Marc Hobbs  V35MSwansea15:0614:32-3.0 
415:39Daniel Bodman  SENMAberdare Valley15:3415:11-1.8 
516:03Matthew Rees  SENMSwansea/Loughborough Students15:1815:13-2.8 
616:21Luc Bartlett PBU20MNeath/Celtic Tri 19:5534.2 
716:34Billy Hayton PBSENMPontypridd (Roadents)/Tamar16:3616:290.6 
816:40Jamie Parry  SENMParc Bryn Bach 16:02-1.5 
916:42Unknown Runner SENMCarmarthen Harriers    
1016:57David Keenan PBSENMLlanelli17:5617:56-0.7 
1117:34Craig Baker  SENMPort Talbot  10.4 
1217:36John Morris SBV35MTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)17:5616:24-0.2 
1318:03Matt Yelland PBV35MAmman Valley 18:401.8 
1418:35David Garcia  SENMSwansea  16.7 
1519:24Nick Venables PBV35MLlanelli20:2220:228.0 
1619:25Brian Dias  SENMCardiff18:2117:509.3 
1719:30James Lawson PBV35MPort Talbot20:4520:4520.3 
1819:38Robert Rees  V45MNeath  5.7 
1919:49Robert Gale  V35MParc Bryn Bach  20.8 
2020:05Tristram Lewis PBV35MTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)21:5121:5118.4 
2120:14Ryan Minard PBSENMAberdare Valley19:5719:579.8 
2221:18Huw Griffiths  V35MBridgend 19:559.5 
2323:43Mike Ansty SENMTrots    
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
114:49Jonathan Hopkins  SENMSwansea/Run Fast 13:54-4.0 
214:55Carwyn Jones  V35MCardiff14:3214:308.9 
315:20Adam Bull  U23MAberdare Valley15:1114:54-3.7 
415:20Jack Gooch  U23MSwansea/Swansea Uni14:3814:27-2.6 
516:07Ben Bartlett PBU20MNeath/Celtic Tri 18:548.3 
616:24William Munday  U23MMedwayTri/Swansea 14:55-1.5 
716:54Sam Jones PBSENMParc Bryn Bach 16:56-0.8 
817:54Nathan Daniel PBU23MNeath18:0317:481.0 
918:11Nicholas Sheehan PBSENMLlanelli 17:191.1 
1018:16Nino Gatti  SENMPort Talbot18:3017:161.8 
1118:24Matthew Wells SENMAmman Valley Harriers    
1218:54Sam Howell-Jones PBSENMPontypridd (Roadents)18:3218:324.5Click your Clock logo
1319:42Nicholas Merrony  V55MTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS) 19:578.4 
1419:42Wesley Bereza  V35MLlanelli 19:357.5 
1520:07John Hill  SENMBridgend19:5118:329.5 
1620:22Ross Kestin PBSENMTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)23:5823:5828.9 
1722:36Paul Davies SENMAberdare VAAC    
1823:16Mario Rabaiotti  V50MPort Talbot 24:3414.1 
1923:34Jordan Hawkins  SENMParc Bryn Bach  33.4 
2024:19Jonathan Williams  V55MTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)  19.2 
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
114:50Liam Lloyd PBSENMSwansea/Llanelli 15:132.3 
214:53Peter Ryder PBV35MAberdare Valley16:3415:470.0 
314:54Jonathan Tobin  U23MSwansea/Sheffield Uni14:4214:42-2.3 
416:12Jac Smith SBU20MCardiff16:1715:13-1.6 
516:30Paul Graham SBSENMPontypridd (Roadents)/Army/Hereford16:5214:38-4.2 
616:32Daniel Triggs PBSENMNeath 15:50-1.4 
717:06Gareth Ayres  SENMPort Talbot17:3116:282.7 
817:43Simon Rees PBV35MLlanelli19:0418:588.0 
918:14John Breslin  SENMSwansea  1.5 
1018:42Joshua Cashell  U23MParc Bryn Bach  21.1 
1118:42Phil Welch  V35MBridgend18:0418:034.3 
1219:01Alex Lewis PBV35MNeath 19:025.1 
1319:10Geraint Jones  SENMAmman Valley  5.4 
1419:35Simon Scurrell SBV35MTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)22:1619:289.8 
1519:42Paul Robbins PBV40MLlanelli20:3520:149.7 
1620:46Paul Davies SENMAberdare VAAC    
1720:59Dewi Snelson  V35MTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS) 20:399.0 
1821:22Richard Price  SENMParc Bryn Bach19:4219:428.1 
1922:19Mark Lee SENMTrots    
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