Falls parkrun # 247 External Results
22 Apr 17
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:32Brendan Grew  V35MNorth Belfast17:0116:280.8 
220:04James Dickey  S25MDub Runners of Belfast18:3518:353.7 
320:48Sharon Duffy SBSENWUnattached20:4820:3516.0 
421:16Steven Todd  V45MDub Runners of Belfast18:1617:262.5 
521:40Ciaran Reilly S25MUnattached    
621:55George Ferguson V55MUnattached    
721:56James Conlon V45MUnattached    
823:03Greg Maguire V45MUnattached    
923:37Joanne Duffy V40WUnattached    
1023:45Mark Hamill V50MDub Runners of Belfast    
1123:49John Graham  V45MOlympian Youth22:0821:0716.1 
1224:07Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1324:13Gerard Duffy V50MUnattached    
1424:17Suzy Kennedy  S30WDub Runners of Belfast22:3722:0017.6 
1524:19James Trainor  S30MDub Runners of Belfast17:3816:510.2 
1624:20Ronan O'flaherty  SENMDub Runners of Belfast22:2220:358.6 
1724:39Paul Marley V50MUnattached    
1824:47Jim Reilly V50MUnattached    
1925:05Patrick Tierney S25MUnattached    
2025:08Seán Mac Brádaigh V35MUnattached    
2125:13Karen Carlisle V40WDub Runners of Belfast    
2225:33Paul Patrick McCrea V45MDub Runners of Belfast    
2325:45Michael McCabe V45MUnattached    
2426:10Paul Duffy S30MUnattached    
2526:15Sinead Hamill V40WJog Lisburn    
2626:42Francie Laverty V65MJog Belfast    
2726:50Kathy Knox V50WJog Lisburn    
2826:53Deborah McLaughlin V40WUnattached    
2927:12Barney O'Loughlin V60MUnattached    
3027:16Christopher Duffy V45MUnattached    
3127:18Celene Breen V45WUnattached    
3227:20Kathy Mayhew  V50WDub Runners of Belfast25:0024:1416.3 
3327:21Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3427:39Jacklyn Thompson V35WUnattached    
3528:55Pol O Mordha V55MUnattached    
3629:12Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3729:32Deborah McDonald S30WUnattached    
3830:20Nick Rafferty V50MUnattached    
3930:32Ursula Mc Closkey V40WUnattached    
4030:42Elaine Todd V45WUnattached    
4130:46Kate Donaghy V40WUnattached    
4230:47David Mc Cormick V40MUnattached    
4330:49Deirdre Phillips V60WUnattached    
4430:50Brenda Maguire S30WUnattached    
4530:50Susan Doran V40WUnattached    
4630:56Bernadette Dynes V50WUnattached    
4731:06Christine Devlin S30WUnattached    
4831:07Louise Collins S30WUnattached    
4931:09Max Todd U11MUnattached    
5031:17Jane Catherine Patterson  V65WDub Runners of Belfast27:2826:5826.8 
5131:18Clare Mcdowell  V40WDub Runners of Belfast25:1022:4324.6 
5231:19Pippa MacLaran V65WDub Runners of Belfast    
5332:04Deirdre Rafferty V50WUnattached    
5432:17Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5533:18Geraldine Brown V50WJog Belfast    
5633:25Kathryn Austin S30WUnattached    
5734:04Patricia Mc Kenna V40WUnattached    
5834:21Roisin McCabe S30WUnattached    
5934:22Joanne Mervyn V45WUnattached    
6034:29Mena Darling V45WUnattached    
6135:07Carolyn Cullen V55WUnattached    
6235:41Laura McIlvenny V45WUnattached    
6336:34Jane McCoy V45WUnattached    
6437:23Donna McVeigh V35WUnattached    
6537:38Kathleen Magee V55WUnattached    
6639:23Jacqueline Murray V50WUnattached    
6740:06Donna McStravick V45WUnattached    
6840:48Annette Hinchcliffe V45WUnattached    
6940:49Sharon McGonigle V45WUnattached    
7046:30Jamie Adeyemi S25WUnattached    
7146:31Cathy Wilson V45WJog Belfast    
7246:34Autumn Adeyemi U11WUnattached    
7348:33Michael Harp V35MUnattached    
7450:59Mary McCallan V35WUnattached    
7550:59Kathleen McCallan V60WUnattached