DAN Summer Open series (inc Cornwall County 3000m Championships) External Results
23 Aug 17
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3000 SX 1
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
19:20.5   Floyd Ratcliffe PBU17MHayle9:20.59:13.5-0.3 
29:34.9   Tony Wright SBV50MNewquay RR9:34.99:29.6-0.6 
39:41.6   Justin Thomas SBV40MCornwall AC/South West Vets9:41.69:20.60.2 
49:45.7   Paul Smith SBV40MCornwall AC/Royal Navy9:45.79:24.03-0.3 
59:47.8   Emma Stepto SBV45WCornwall AC9:47.89:32.82.4 
69:59.8   James Cutlan PBSENMSt. Austell9:59.89:59.81.0 
710:01.1   Heidi Tregenza PBSENWCornwall AC10:01.110:01.11.6 
810:03.2   Gary Standinger PBSENMBristol & West10:03.210:03.24.7Click your Clock logo
910:05.9   Neill Cookson PBV50MHayle10:05.910:05.94.9 
1010:09.8   Paul Sole PBV35MCornwall AC10:09.810:09.81.9 
1110:40.1   John Sole SBV35MCornwall AC10:40.110:38.27.2 
1210:52.6   Amy Sole PBSENWCornwall AC10:52.610:52.64.6 
1311:48.7   Ruby Orchard PBV35WCornwall AC11:48.711:48.74.2 
3000 SX 2
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:52.1   Rich Shirley PBSENMSt. Austell10:52.110:52.17.4Click your Clock logo
211:02.6   Steven Rendle PBV45MNewquay RR11:02.611:02.67.5 
311:14.4   James Manning SBV35MHayle11:14.410:46.76.5 
411:24.8   Iain Walker PBV60MSt. Austell/South West Vets11:24.811:24.89.6Click your Clock logo
511:37.1   Lauren Webster PBU15WNewquay & Par11:37.111:37.110.0Click your Clock logo
611:43.7   Andy Chase PBSENMSt. Austell11:43.711:43.79.6 
712:00.2   Nigel Trevena SBV45MCornwall AC12:00.211:32.079.6 
812:15.2   Peter Allen SBV60MNewquay RR12:15.211:35.0511.0 
912:30.8   Steve Dale PBV40MNewquay RR12:30.812:30.815.0Click your Clock logo
1012:36.0   Ian Wright  V60MRugby & Northampton/Midland Masters12:33.5811:44.511.4 
1112:56.7   Phillip Ciano PBV50MNewquay RR12:56.712:56.714.1 
1213:20.4   Shaun Scrace PBV45MSt. Austell/Newquay & Par13:20.413:20.415.1 
1313:32.1   Anna Pascoe PBV35WMud Crew13:32.113:17.513.9Click your Clock logo
1413:41.9   John Lillis PBV70MNewquay RR/South West Vets13:41.913:41.916.8Click your Clock logo
3000 SX 3
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
113:54.0   Tracy McKenzie SBV35WNewquay RR13:54.013:31.612.7 
213:54.8   Becky Miles PBV35WNewquay RR13:54.813:54.820.9 
313:56.2   Melissa Rowe PBV45WSt. Austell13:56.213:56.220.1 
413:58.0   Elizabeth Tregenza PBV55WCornwall AC13:58.013:58.017.0 
513:59.0   Sarah Hill PBV45WNewquay & Par/Newquay RR13:59.013:59.016.7 
614:02.7   Adam BONNEY SENMSt Austell Running Club    
714:12.5   Nick Savin SBSENMNewquay RR14:12.513:14.514.5 
814:17.2   Allan Loveday PBV65MNewquay RR14:17.214:17.228.9 
914:28.5   Gemma Pateman PBV35WSt. Austell14:28.514:28.523.7 
1014:36.5   Holly Payne PBSENWSt. Austell14:36.514:36.519.5 
1114:44.9   Kelly Woodfine-Beard PBV35WNewquay RR/Newquay & Par14:44.914:44.914.5Click your Clock logo
1214:48.9   Gennara Bray PBSENWSt. Austell14:48.914:48.919.1 
1315:05.0   Ray Frith SBV65MNewquay & Par/Newquay RR15:05.013:22.0128.7 
1415:09.8   Tony Berry PBV80MTruro15:09.815:09.822.3Click your Clock logo
1515:31.6   Lesley Maclaren SBSENWNewquay & Par/St. Austell15:31.613:39.9516.8 
1616:41.1   Michelle Dudley PBV50WSt. Austell16:41.116:41.125.5 
1717:20.4   Katherine Webster PBV40WNewquay RR17:20.417:20.425.0 
1818:28.8   Elizabeth Wyatt PBV45WSt. Austell18:28.818:28.834.2 
1918:56.2   Angela M Yates PBV60WSt. Austell18:56.218:56.230.9 
2019:39.1   Jenny Bowden PBV50WNewquay RR19:39.119:39.130.7