Knowsley Harriers Summer FAB 4 External Results
12 May 17
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
121:48   Andrew Joseph Shelbourne PBSENMWidnes Running Club21:4821:488.0Click your Clock logo
222:40   Andy McQue SBV35MLiverpool H/Wirral22:4022:10-0.6Click your Clock logo
322:57   Stephen Doyle  V40MKnowsley22:3622:366.8 
423:32   Brian Davies V50M     
523:36   Paul Schumann PBV50MKnowsley23:3623:364.3 
623:42   Trevor Morris PBV55MWilmslow23:4223:422.6 
723:52   Ant Cassidy PBV40MMossley Hill23:5223:529.5 
824:14   David Norman PBV55MWirral24:1424:143.5 
924:24   Phil Riding  V40MPenny Lane24:0524:053.3 
1024:32   Will Kozer  SENMWidnes Running Club23:1423:141.7 
1124:42   Neil Hennigan V40MPenny Lane Striders    
1224:50   Kevin Dunbar PBV35MSt Helens Tri24:5024:505.9 
1324:55   John McLaren V35MKnowsley Harriers AC    
1425:11   Lee Warburton PBV45MPenny Lane25:1125:114.8 
1525:27   William John Jones PBV50MKnowsley25:2725:2711.6 
1625:43   Paul Roberts  V40MWidnes Running Club25:0225:025.3 
1725:53   Richard Thorpe PBSENMPenny Lane25:5325:5312.9 
1825:56   Gavin Melia PBV35MPenny Lane25:5625:569.0 
1926:00   Luke Harrison  SENMPenny Lane24:3224:324.7 
2026:04   Robert Garth PBSENMPenny Lane23:3423:344.9 
2126:41   David Lee  SENMKnowsley25:2425:2411.6 
2226:47   Matt Oakes PBV35MPenny Lane26:4726:4713.3 
2326:50   Andrew Glen PBV50MKnowsley26:5026:506.5 
2426:51   Stephen Hayes V45MKirkby Milers    
2527:03   Paul Wilson  V45MLiverpool RC26:1826:185.9 
2627:07   David Cleminson V35M     
2727:34   Tammy Lewis-Jones SBV45WEryri27:3424:2210.6 
2827:43   Billy Merritt SBV55MKnowsley27:4326:3016.1 
2927:47   Martin Hirrell  V50MPenny Lane27:3126:5210.0 
3028:10   Grant Davidson PBV40MMersey Tri/Penny Lane28:1028:1012.0 
3128:12   David Webb PBSENMPenny Lane28:1228:127.7 
3228:26   Melanie Roberts PBSENWPenny Lane28:2628:2613.7 
3328:29   Ian Jones PBV55MPenny Lane28:2928:297.6 
3428:39   Alan Spencer  V55MKnowsley26:5226:528.1 
3528:47   Mike Atkinson V60MWarrington Running    
3629:17   Adam Bolton PBSENMUnattached29:1729:1717.8Click your Clock logo
3729:27   Aaron Evans U11MKnowsley Harriers AC    
3829:49   Michael Devereux PBV65MPenny Lane29:4929:4918.7 
3929:56   Dave Downey V50M     
4030:07   Kieron Carr SBV45MKnowsley30:0730:0310.8 
4130:13   Michael Maloney  V60MKnowsley30:0530:0511.8 
4230:23   Dave Tomkins PBV70MNorthern Masters/Lonely Goat RC/Warrington AC30:2330:2317.0 
4331:04   Stuart Atherton  V35MKnowsley30:2530:2520.7 
4431:04   Annmarie Williams PBV45WPenny Lane31:0431:0412.4 
4531:10   Yvonne Neary V50M     
4631:17   James Roberts SENWPenny Lane Striders    
4731:24   Sarah Jackson PBV35WPenny Lane/Liverpool John Moores Uni31:2431:2414.3 
4831:40   David Limbrick  V50MIslwyn30:3830:0114.7Click your Clock logo
4931:42   Anna Watkin PBV35WPenny Lane30:2630:2617.9 
5031:43   Stephen Watkin  V35MPenny Lane30:2524:480.6 
5132:11   Carol Foster SBV55WSt. Helens Striders32:1130:2919.9 
5232:14   Nicola Howarth PBV45WSt. Helens Striders32:1432:1423.2 
5332:28   James Keary V45M     
5432:36   Nick Kilty  V35MKnowsley31:2331:0114.9 
5532:38   David Hughes  V50MPenny Lane32:0532:0522.1 
5632:39   Stacey Clark  SENWWidnes Wasps31:3031:3011.6 
5732:46   Gayle Hanson-Jones V40W     
5832:50   David Jones PBV40MKirkby Milers32:5032:5021.2 
5932:54   Christopher Lee V45MKnowsley Harriers AC    
6033:04   Joanne Harrison  SENWPenny Lane29:0828:259.8 
6133:22   Jane Nicholson SBV50WPenny Lane33:2232:5516.6 
6233:25   Ian Broadhurst PBV50MKnowsley33:2533:2519.9 
6333:31   Mike Welsby PBV50MPenny Lane33:3133:3125.7 
6433:42   Sian Kilty PBSENWMossley Hill33:4233:4224.4 
6533:54   Jade Booth PBSENWSt. Helens Striders33:5433:5427.2 
6634:04   Peter Cleminson V40M     
6734:29   Mick O'Brien  V45MKnowsley33:0833:0425.6 
6834:35   Claire Meadows PBV45WPenny Lane33:1333:1320.7 
6934:42   Karen McDonagh V50WRainhill Plodders    
7034:56   Clare Pascoe V40WKnowsley Harriers AC    
7134:58   Onnor Hampson V45WKnowsley Harriers AC    
7235:01   Michael Sharkey  V65MPenny Lane34:1833:5515.6 
7335:01   Kathryn Sharkey  V35WPenny Lane30:1829:088.4 
7435:06   Claudia McLean PBV45WKnowsley35:0635:0619.9 
7535:19   Joyce Griffiths V55W     
7635:25   John Bosward  V45MKnowsley35:1835:1815.7 
7735:32   Lisa Jones V35W     
7835:52   Michelle Kelly  V55WPenny Lane35:2734:0421.7 
7935:57   Nick Bartlett SBV40MKnowsley35:5735:2026.1 
8036:47   Cerys Hanson-Jones U17W     
8136:52   Brian Ford V45M     
8237:18   Alan Moore V55MKnowsley Harriers AC    
8337:27   Stephanie Savage SENWRainhill    
8438:05   Fiona Bradbury PBSENWKnowsley38:0538:0528.0 
8538:07   Jill Hudson-Browne PBV40WKnowsley38:0738:0724.1 
8638:16   Katie Lloyd SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
8738:20   Adele Crawford PBV45WSt. Helens Striders38:2038:2033.9 
8838:29   Jo Sutherland SBV40WPenny Lane38:2935:1118.7 
8938:46   Janet Rockett V40WRainhill Plodders    
9039:07   Rita Tracy PBV60WWidnes Running Club39:0739:0729.1 
9139:08   Ian Burrows PBV40MWidnes Running Club39:0839:0824.2 
9239:09   Mollie Swadkins SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
9339:21   Cara Bartlett PBV40WKnowsley39:2139:2124.9 
9439:31   Karen Mason PBV50WSt. Helens Striders39:3139:3125.5 
9539:46   David Dodd PBV45MKnowsley39:4639:4623.1 
9640:32   Derek Hughes  V65MKnowsley40:2840:2827.7 
9740:46   Phil Hewitt V35M     
9840:52   James Matthews PBV35MUnattached40:5240:5224.7 
9940:52   Sarah Matthews  V35WWidnes Running Club32:5731:3013.8Click your Clock logo
10043:05   Amy Bird SENW