Bushley Mile External Results
17 Apr 17
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:55   Charlie Eastaugh  SENMLeamington4:354:35-1.4 
25:00   Mark James  V40MCheltenham4:414:410.5 
35:08   Christopher Brown PBV35MSevern5:085:080.9 
45:12   Toby Wort  SENMUnattached4:544:544.1Click your Clock logo
55:19   Elliott Parsons PBSENMTewkesbury AC5:195:197.0Click your Clock logo
65:23   Jon Mansfield  V45MTewkesbury AC5:094:583.2 
75:23   James Wilkinson PBV35MCheltenham5:235:233.4 
85:24   Nick Hitchings SBV45MWorcester5:245:144.4 
105:26   Clark Woodhall SBV40MTipton5:265:173.3 
95:26   Ben Lewis SENM     
115:34   Paul Lockyer  V40MCLC Striders5:235:195.4 
125:36   Max Sheppard PBV40MGloucester5:365:362.2 
135:39   Mark Parker PBV45MTewkesbury TC/Tewkesbury AC5:395:399.5 
145:41   David Rantell  V45MCheltenham5:225:063.5 
155:50   Clark Lawson PBSENMCLC Striders5:505:504.7 
165:55   James Matheson SBV40MBlack Pear Joggers5:555:457.2 
175:56   Jonathan Mulkeen PBSENMStratford-upon-Avon5:565:567.9Click your Clock logo
186:01   Paul Gasson  V60MArena 80/Southern Counties Vets5:465:307.4 
196:04   Vladimir Venglar PBV40MTewkesbury AC6:046:048.7 
206:09   Kirsty Reid PBSENWGloucester6:096:0914.0 
216:14   Peter Darwen SBV50MBlack Pear Joggers6:145:566.8 
226:19   Suzanne Harding  V40WGloucester/Midland Masters5:525:528.4 
236:20   Rosie Gasson  U11WBrighton & Hove5:565:569.2 
246:25   Natalie Jenks PBV35WTewkesbury AC6:256:259.0Click your Clock logo
256:27   Andrew Brown  V55MSevern5:575:577.9 
266:37   Chris Duckworth SBSENMTewkesbury TC/Tewkesbury AC6:376:1010.2 
276:40   Guy Lewis SENM     
286:42   Stacey Osmond  SENWAlmost Athletes6:116:0213.9Click your Clock logo
296:43   David Aguirre PBV50MTewkesbury AC6:436:4315.8 
306:50   Noel Green SBV55MTewkesbury AC6:506:4411.2 
316:52   Jude Rodrigues PBV50MTewkesbury AC6:526:5216.1 
326:53   Suzanne Tharme PBV50WTewkesbury AC6:536:5315.7 
336:57   Mungo Park SBV65MTewkesbury AC6:575:3917.6 
347:10   John Tharme PBV50MTewkesbury AC7:107:1020.6 
357:16   Carole Cowley SBV65WTewkesbury RC7:166:3013.8 
367:37   Barrie Roberts  V70MBournville Harriers/Welsh Masters7:166:2217.1 
378:03   Gillian Underwood  V50WArena 807:366:4622.4 
388:08   John James SBV65MSevern8:086:3221.5 
398:09   Kevin Emmerson SBV65MTewkesbury AC8:097:4621.7 
408:10   Hannah Bennett PBSENWGloucester8:108:1025.1 
418:41   Samantha Robinson PBV50WTewkesbury TC/Tewkesbury AC8:418:4126.2 
429:24   Mike Anderton  V60MGloucester8:568:0631.7 
4312:31   Vanessa Anderton  V60WGloucester10:589:3931.6