Derry City parkrun # 166 External Results
Derry City
10 Sep 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:40Noel Logan PBS25MCity of Derry16:4016:372.0 
218:54Jackson Woodruff PBU20MCambridge Uni Hare & Hounds18:2117:551.5 
320:31Sean Molloy  V40MFoyle Valley20:3020:188.3 
420:45Paul Johnson V40MUnattached    
521:28Declan Divin S30MUnattached    
621:31Jonathan Irwin V35MUnattached    
721:33Paul Rainey S30MUnattached    
821:34Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
921:44Philip A Sheerin S20MUnattached    
1022:01Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1122:16Ronan Cassidy S30MUnattached    
1222:21Richie Sheerin S30MUnattached    
1322:32Ronan O'flaherty SBSENMDub Runners of Belfast21:2020:358.6 
1422:44Aaron Carlyle  S30MDerry Track22:1520:4519.9 
1522:51Catherine Hribar SBV35WCity of Derry22:5121:009.2 
1623:13Emmett McShane V50MUnattached    
1723:22Jonathan Orr U11MUnattached    
1823:41Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1923:52Josh Stuart S20MUnattached    
2023:57Ian Graham V50MUnattached    
2124:00Paul Roddy V45MUnattached    
2224:13Daniel O'Connor U15MUnattached    
2324:15Calum McArthur U15MUnattached    
2424:16Benjamin Orr U15MUnattached    
2524:17Katie Devlin U15WUnattached    
2624:19Graeme Orr V40MUnattached    
2724:25Joseph Quigley V55MUnattached    
2824:30Elizabeth Harrigan V55WUnattached    
2924:35Barbara McCarry V45WSTAR Running Club    
3024:52Ben Armstrong U15MUnattached    
3124:59Michael McLaughlin V55MRise Running Club    
3225:00Una Quigley V50WREACH RUNNING CLUB    
3325:16Liam Dunne U15MOlympian Youth & AC    
3425:48Bryan Armstrong V40MUnattached    
3526:13Michael Kavanagh V50MUnattached    
3626:25Chris Ward S30MUnattached    
3726:26Tony Deane PBS30MUnattached24:3421:2710.5 
3827:00Mary Sheerin V55WUnattached    
3927:00Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4027:22Nikita Murray S20WSeapark AC    
4128:10Pauline Hamilton V45WSTAR Running Club    
4228:14Teddy Divin V55MUnattached    
4328:15Erin Hutcheon V35WSTAR Running Club    
4428:39Gerard Cassidy V65MUnattached    
4529:02Martin Kelly V45MUnattached    
4629:03Conor Canavan V60MUnattached    
4729:18Jamie Barrett U11MUnattached    
4829:19Maureen Maher V55WUnattached    
4929:19Brendan Logue V45MUnattached    
5029:37Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5129:48Samuel Orr U11MUnattached    
5229:59Glenda Murray V45WSeapark AC    
5330:13John Adair V45MBelfast Running Club    
5430:14Briedge Patton V40WSTAR Running Club    
5530:18Garreth Doherty V35MSTAR Running Club    
5630:19Shannon Healy V35WSTAR Running Club    
5732:13Oliver Hodkinson V65MUnattached    
5832:25Geraldine Kane V40WSeapark AC    
5932:25Nicole McArthur V35WUnattached    
6032:26Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6132:52Vanessa Eastick V35WUnattached    
6233:01Callum O'Connor U11MUnattached    
6333:09Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6433:10Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6533:14Julie Kelly V35WSeapark AC    
6633:14Deirdre Gill V50WRise Running Club    
6733:43Ellen O'Connor U15WUnattached    
6833:55Mandy Orr V40WUnattached    
6935:32Davinia Hogan V35WUnattached    
7035:54Evan Hudner U15MUnattached    
7135:57Mary McDaid V40WUnattached    
7236:48Martina O'Connor V45WUnattached    
7337:32Hannah O'Connor U15WUnattached    
7439:22Annamarie Millar V50WUnattached    
7539:23Laura Kennedy U20WUnattached    
7639:24Brian Kennedy V50MNorth West Triathlon Club    
7741:07Shannon Luff U15WUnattached