Armada Athletics Network 3K Series External Results
12 Oct 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:10Thomas Humphrey  SENMPlymouth H9:559:551.7 
210:39Jacob Pierpoint SENM     
310:50Douglas Webb PBSENMPlymouth H10:4910:494.7 
410:55Graham Bale  V50MPlymstock RR10:4210:330.8 
511:17Neill Travers SENM     
611:25Guy Petersen SBV45MTamar11:2510:3710.2 
711:27Brendan Anderson SENM     
811:30Justin Smith SBV35MPlymouth H11:3010:585.5 
911:35Jack Childs SENMStorm Argyle Academy    
1011:44Alexey Vasilyev SENM     
1111:53Andrew Meredith SENM     
1212:02Tom Kerr SENM     
1312:05Steve Martin SENM     
1412:10Jane Allison  V40WPlymouth H/MudCrew11:4511:267.6 
1512:13Owen Bruce SENMStorm Argyle Academy    
1612:17Gary Martin PBV45MPlymouth Musketeers12:1712:1710.6 
1712:19Russell Mogridge SBV50MErme Valley12:1911:538.3 
1812:23Emma Ryder PBU17WTavistock12:2311:425.2 
1912:24Liam Hallows SBU17MErme Valley12:2410:533.0 
2012:25James Scantlebury PBU13MErme Valley12:2511:5111.3 
2112:30Daniel Carr PBU13MCity of Plymouth12:3012:3033.9 
2212:31Christopher Peacock PBV35MWest 412:3112:3113.6 
2312:39Andy Newcombe SBV40MErme Valley12:3912:086.9 
2412:45Olivia Travers PBU13WErme Valley12:4512:3410.9 
2512:59Kate Phillips SENW     
2613:10Michael Cork  V55MPlymouth Coasters13:0112:0411.7 
2713:11Ryan Winnall SENMStorm Argyle Academy    
2813:31Bevan Johnson SENMPlymouth Harriers    
2913:33Alex Ruffin SENMStorm Argyle Academy    
3013:37Adrian Ruffin SENMStorm Plymouth    
3113:46Richard Morton SBV60MTamar13:4613:3615.5 
3213:48Steve Boxall SENM     
3313:50Miranda Burke SENWPlymouth Harriers    
3413:53Ken Summers SBV65MErme Valley13:5312:5312.9 
3514:03Steve Watson SBV65MErme Valley14:0312:3623.4 
3614:22Ian Winnall PBV35MPlymouth Musketeers14:2214:2222.5 
3714:25Brendan Palmer PBV35MPlymouth Musketeers13:5413:1313.5 
3814:28Paul Paskins  V55MPlymouth H14:2612:1227.1 
3914:29Luke Plye SENM     
4014:32Chloe Hoatson  V35WPlymouth Musketeers14:0213:4917.3 
4114:34Benjamin Bristow SBU15MErme Valley14:3412:5915.8 
4215:01Louis McCracken SENM     
4315:18Kate Rogers SBV55WTavistock/South West Vets15:1813:5321.2 
4415:41Barrie Swift  V55MPlymouth H15:3315:2527.8 
4515:41Sara Cooksley SENWPlymouth Harriers    
4615:45Ella Macdonald SENWStorm Argyle Academy    
4715:47Millie Wilson SENWVegetarian Athletic & Cycli    
4816:10Jessica Crago SENWStorm Argyle Academy    
4916:12Michelle Shaddick PBV45WPlymouth Musketeers16:1216:0530.5 
5016:12Rob Shaddick SENWPlymouth Musketeers    
5116:36Bryan Short SENMStorm Plymouth    
5216:50Rachel Scott  V45WPlymouth Musketeers15:4615:3232.1 
5316:56Jack Tucker SENMStorm Argyle Academy    
5416:57Rebecca Tucker SENWTamar Trotters    
5516:58Paul Tunnycliffe SENMStorm Argyle Academy    
5616:59Kyra Higgins SENWPlymouth Harriers    
5717:00Janet Morgan SENWPlymouth Musketeers    
5817:02Paul Rogers SENM     
5917:06Katy Mogridge  V50WErme Valley16:2714:5715.6 
6017:09Lucy Howell  V35WPlymouth Musketeers16:0515:5525.4 
6117:17Julie Broad SENWPlymouth Harriers    
6217:59Paul Youngman  V55MPlymouth Musketeers17:5115:5422.9 
6318:16Rosie Shepherd SENWStorm Argyle Academy    
6418:35Eppsie Plye SENW     
6518:47Scarlett Whelan SENWStorm Argyle Academy    
6619:00Lorraine Davies PBV55WPlymstock RR/Plymouth Musketeers18:5418:5447.1 
6719:10Katrina Patrick SENW     
6819:23Jennifer Longbooi SENW     
6919:49Joshua Knuckey SENMStorm Argyle Academy    
7019:55Christine Mcghee SBV55WPlymouth H19:5515:5833.1 
7119:58Mel Lovell SENW     
7220:17Milly Hughes SENWStorm Argyle Academy    
7320:17Michael Hughes SENMStorm Plymouth    
7420:22Michelle Hughes SENWStorm Plymouth    
7520:32Jodie Stone SENWStorm Argyle Academy    
7620:46Charlotte Adderley SENWErme Valley Harriers    
7720:50Philip Adderley SENMErme Valley Harriers    
7822:15Zoe Arnold SENWStorm Argyle Academy    
7922:16Lauren Howell SENWStorm Argyle Academy    
8023:30Sarah Fitch SENW     
8123:30Cerys Heyward SENWStorm Argyle Academy    
8223:49Logan Howell SENMStorm Argyle Academy    
8323:55Emma Cameron SENWPlymouth Musketeers    
8425:59Nicola Billing PBV45WPlymouth H25:5925:5954.0 
8525:59Leesa Pethick  V45WPlymouth H24:0024:0031.3