Summer Multi-Terrain Series 4.4 External Results
15 Sep 15
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
123:14Jordan DonnellySENMWirral  
223:48Phil Robertson U23MSale Harriers Manchester-4.5 
324:24Xavier Desse V40MWirral/France9.5 
424:29Karl Steinegger SENMSpectrum/Ambleside14.3 
524:37Vincent VanWoerkomSENMChester Tri  
624:41Greg Jones SENMWallasey1.5 
725:08Phillip Langan V35MWirral3.0 
825:14Stephen Doyle V40MKnowsley10.3 
925:17David Brockway U23MWirral/University of Cumbria-0.6 
1025:22Rob Grantham V40MChester TC/Police-1.1 
1125:26Simon Roberts V45MBuckley RC2.6 
1225:31Ieuan Kearney U17MWirral15.5 
1325:32Richard Webster V45MWallasey13.6 
1425:33Lawrence Eccles SENMPenny Lane1.0 
1525:37Simon Oliver V40MChester TC1.9 
1625:45Glen Groves V45MLiverpool H4.5 
1725:49Stephen Spence V45MWirral2.5 
1825:52Jonathan Carter SENMChester TC3.9 
1925:55John McMaster SENMLiverpool RC26.1 
2026:02Paul Skipper SENMMersey Tri3.7 
2126:05Robert Kelly SENMKnowsley/Liverpool John Moores Uni3.4 
2226:06Mark Hulmston V40MWirral4.1 
2326:07Mark Davies V35MWest Cheshire4.6 
2426:10Ian Magill V45MLiverpool RC4.5 
2526:12Mike Green V40MWallasey2.9 
2626:21Michael Rooke U17MWirral13.0 
2726:23Dave Bennett V35MEllesmere Port-2.1Click your Clock logo
2826:30Daniele Trinca V35MMersey Tri23.4 
2926:33Jez FellickV45MWallasey  
3026:36Adam Gordon V40MHelsby RC3.3 
3126:37Kyle Harrison U23MLiverpool RC4.0 
3226:40Andrew Fielding V35MEllesmere Port19.9 
3326:44Liam Mcgrath V35MPensby22.5 
3426:50Rob Fletcher V35MMersey Tri4.4 
3526:51Peter Bird U23MWallasey0.3 
3626:53Robert Owens SENMKnowsley-0.2 
3726:54Stephen Watkin SENMPenny Lane1.9 
3826:56Owen Thomas Jones U17MWirral/Wallasey21.6 
3926:56Rob Arden V35MTattenhall9.3 
4027:05Ben Fletcher V40MHelsby RC3.4 
4127:08Ian Gloyne-Phillips V40MWest Cheshire4.3 
4227:12Michael Heyes SENMMersey Tri1.2 
4327:13Chris CollinsSENMHelsby  
4427:14Alex Rigby SENMLiverpool RC2.5 
4527:15Matt Wilson V40MWallasey4.1 
4627:16Bryan Stevenson V35MWallasey9.5 
4727:18Chris EnrightSENMMersey Tri  
4827:20Sarah Roberts V35WPensby10.7 
4927:23Sean Britton SENMMersey Tri6.3 
5027:24Simon Fox V50MWirral7.2 
5127:27Andrew Clague V45MWest Cheshire3.9 
5227:31Andy Lacey V50MVillage RR10.8 
5327:33Charlie Quinn U20MWirral29.4 
5427:37Tony Barbat V55MWallasey6.4 
5527:38Elizabeth Renondeau V35WEllesmere Port1.5 
5627:39Simon Rogers V50MPensby9.3 
5727:40Andrew Carter V45MWest Cheshire3.4 
5827:48Jamie PughSENMKnowsley Harriers  
5927:50Luke ParkerSENMKnowsley Harriers  
6027:51Sarah Kearney V40WWirral5.2 
6128:06Gary English V50MLiverpool RC4.3 
6228:08Daniel Morgan V35MWirral13.7 
6328:12Andy Pritchard V40MBuckley RC24.4 
6428:13Michael Kelly SENMWallasey17.6 
6528:15Neil Finegan V40MHelsby RC1.5 
6628:19Paul Cubbins V40MWallasey14.8 
6728:27Steve TodV40MLiverpool Harriers  
6828:30Neil JohnstonV50MPensby Runners  
6928:33Harry Das U17MWirral27.7 
7028:37Ian Rutherford V40MHelsby RC11.7 
7128:39Nick Wilson V40MWirral6.6 
7228:48Tim Grace V40MMersey Tri6.7 
7328:55Simon Jones V35MPensby29.8 
7428:59Jim Jones V50MHelsby RC/West Cheshire9.3 
7529:04Peter Hampshire V40MPensby5.7 
7629:07Tony Devoy V55MWirral9.0 
7729:13Alistair McNay V40MTattenhall16.8 
7829:14Andrew Blair V50MEllesmere Port12.2 
7929:17Christopher Gibbs V50MWirral17.5 
8029:19Phil Dabner V45MWallasey6.2 
8129:23Matt Helme V50MPenny Lane9.5 
8229:24Mike YoungSENMMersey Tri  
8329:25Keith Simpson V50MWallasey18.8 
8429:27Ian WoodV55MChester Tri  
8529:28Andrew BoulgerV45MKirby Milers  
8629:29Nathan Parry U20MKnowsley18.3 
8729:32Susan Fourie V40WChester TC8.9 
8829:34Christopher Ball V45MWirral8.3 
8929:38Neil Toner V40MWirral8.8 
9029:43Jim HigginsSENMHelsby  
9129:46Jerome Doyle V40MPenny Lane10.2 
9229:48Darren Ryder V40MEllesmere Port18.5 
9329:49John Jensen V35MPenny Lane9.9 
9429:49Ian Ainscough V55MChester TC12.6 
9529:52Paul NapierV50MVillage Runners  
9629:52Dominic Roberts V35MPensby8.8 
9729:53Bree Sutcliffe V35WChester TC11.6 
9829:55Stephen HayesV40MKirby Milers  
9929:57Simone Capponi V35MPenny Lane8.4 
10029:58Mike BurnsV45MEllesmere Port  
10129:59Stephen Wall V40MLiverpool RC17.3 
10230:05Mark Richards V45MDeestriders RC25.3 
10330:06Neil Gibbons V55MWirral12.6 
10430:08Steve Norton V50MWirral8.0 
10530:15Phil Bird V50MWallasey10.5 
10630:16Aileen Kearney U20WWirral12.9 
10730:17Graham Cushion V35MLiverpool RC8.3 
10830:18Robert Givnan V40MLiverpool RC17.7 
10930:19Gary ParkerSENMPensby Runners  
11030:24Kevin Gorry V35MWallasey12.1 
11130:26David Jamieson U17MWirral35.1 
11230:27Paul Cliff V45MLiverpool RC30.8 
11330:28Huw Lewis V55MBuckley RC13.7 
11430:33Lee Ward V40MLiverpool RC15.7 
11530:33David Hartley SENMHelsby RC/Ellesmere Port10.7 
11630:39Thomas King SENMPenny Lane32.5 
11730:41Eddie BerryV40MWallasey  
11830:43Stephanie Loach V35WPensby29.7 
11930:44Dave LoughlinSENMVillage Runners  
12030:45Martin Hirrell V50MPenny Lane10.8 
12130:46Joanne Lacking V35WHelsby RC22.4 
12230:47Bob Benson V60MWest Cheshire16.8 
12330:47Kenneth Day V35MKirkby Milers4.3Click your Clock logo
12430:48Jenny Sanderson V40WPensby13.3 
12530:56David Quinn V35MLiverpool H13.6 
12630:57Lucy Partridge V35WPensby15.9 
12731:12Yvonne RyanSENWMersey Tri  
12831:14Kumar DasV40MWirral  
12931:15Steven Edwards SENMEllesmere Port3.6 
13031:15Sara Avery V50WEllesmere Port4.7 
13131:16Benjamin Sara-Kelly U17MWirral31.1 
13231:17Laura Sayer-Hall SENWChester TC16.8 
13331:18Andrew Glen V50MKnowsley9.1 
13431:21Mark RobertsV60MPensby Runners  
13531:24Steven Kelly SENMLiverpool RC20.9 
13631:30John BassettV50MWallasey  
13731:32Helen Johnson V40WWest Cheshire/Ellesmere Port24.6 
13831:33Billy McLoughlinSENMLiverpool RC  
13931:34Jonathan Fisher SENMLiverpool RC14.9 
14031:39Paul Gilbertson V35MLiverpool RC15.6 
14131:52Kathryn Sharkey V35WPenny Lane7.2 
14231:54Patrick CooneyV55MEllesmere Port  
14331:54Neil Jenkins V45MChester TC14.3 
14431:55Lucie Michaelson SENWPenny Lane12.9 
14531:57Louise Nicholson V35WLiverpool RC25.5 
14632:03Iain Arnison V40MPensby14.0 
14732:04Wendy LeeV40WPensby Runners  
14832:11Kieron Carr V40MKnowsley12.2 
14932:16Julien Tour SENMPenny Lane4.7 
15032:20Gareth Houghton V40MBuckley RC13.5 
15132:23George Pierce V45MLiverpool RC13.7 
15232:24Derek McArdle V50MWallasey15.9 
15332:25Julie WebbV40WPensby Runners  
15432:27Andy PettittV50MPensby Runners  
15532:29Helen Sharman SENWKnowsley8.4 
15632:31Jez TidmarshV40MChester Tri  
15732:31Steven Armstrong V45MWallasey19.5 
15832:33Michael Stone V55MWirral14.6Click your Clock logo
15932:34Alan SpencerV55MKnowsley Harriers  
16032:37Duncan Kennedy V35MLiverpool RC4.4 
16132:39Danella Ebbrell V40WEllesmere Port27.2 
16232:40Mike Griffiths V60MWallasey22.6 
16332:43Jennifer West V40WVillage RR12.8 
16432:51Colin Oxley V60MLiverpool RC21.3 
16532:54Mark Scott V45MLiverpool RC16.6 
16632:57Peter McAleavey V55MPensby23.6 
16733:02Kirsty Seddon SENWChester TC12.3 
16833:10David ConnorV40MMersey Tri  
16933:11Martin Durrant V55MTattenhall16.0 
17033:11Alison MacDonald V45WEllesmere Port13.1 
17133:13David Limbrick V50MUnattached15.9Click your Clock logo
17233:13Ian Sneddon V65MBirkenhead27.4 
17333:13Pete RobertsV60MBuckley  
17433:13Michelle ParkerSENWPenny Lane Striders  
17533:28Jack LangtonU20MPicton  
17633:36Antony Dala V50MPensby15.8 
17733:37Charlie Peter Eldred V50MTattenhall21.4 
17833:39Patrick Kavanagh U17MEllesmere Port14.2 
17933:41Geoff Shaw V60MHelsby RC19.2 
18033:42Francis Slavin V60MNorthern Masters17.1 
18133:44Roger Graham V40MPensby10.2 
18233:44Trudie PhilpottV40WVillage Runners  
18333:45Philip Taylor V45MDeestriders RC/Chester TC32.3 
18433:45Sandra ConnellV50WPicton  
18533:47Roy Fisher V60MPensby24.5 
18633:47Carol Shaw V50WHelsby RC14.3 
18733:48Jim BarrowV55MChester Tri  
18833:51Peter Rooney V50MDeestriders RC28.9 
18933:54Lynsey Unsworth SENWKnowsley24.0 
19033:57Caroline Brophy V50WWirral17.2 
19133:57Abigail Willmitt SENWLiverpool RC16.2 
19233:59Hazel Berrett V50WBuckley RC16.8 
19334:01John Guy V35MPenny Lane27.9 
19434:02Geoff Collins V55MHelsby RC14.9 
19534:03Paul Doyle V50MPenny Lane17.2 
19634:05George McCann V40MLiverpool RC18.8 
19734:10Phil ProcterV45MEllesmere Port  
19834:11Vicky Kehoe V40WWallasey12.5 
19934:17Dave JohnstoneSENMPensby Runners  
20034:23Neil Kelly V50MWirral24.8 
20134:27Paul AlexanderV55MPensby Runners  
20234:28Zoe Pearse SENWWallasey16.6 
20334:30Tony Kennedy V50MWest Cheshire15.5 
20434:31Paul Foster V40MHelsby RC39.3 
20534:32Karen ParryV40WKnowsley Harriers  
20634:34Andrew Bates SENMPenny Lane12.7 
20734:36Dave McAlister V55MWallasey14.9 
20834:47Lynn Lewington V45WKirkby Milers25.4Click your Clock logo
20934:54Stephen Wiggins U23MHelsby RC13.8 
21034:56Helen Stansfield SENWWallasey9.2 
21134:59Charlotte Walton SENWChester TC38.9 
21235:02James Atkin V55MWirral19.7 
21335:03Peter Barton V60MEllesmere Port35.8 
21435:03Karen Dalby V50WMersey Tri19.3 
21535:04Jess BowieV40MLiverpool RC  
21635:07Suzanne Fletcher V35WHelsby RC16.6 
21735:11Colin Lamprey V50MPensby15.3 
21835:12John Keyworth V55MPensby30.6 
21935:12Polly Williams SENWPensby37.8 
22035:15Kate Cooke V35WChester TC31.9 
22135:22Tony DickinsonV45MKirby Milers  
22235:28Rachel DasV40WWirral  
22335:37Adele Aspinall V35WLiverpool RC33.2 
22435:38Chris Hatton V60MHelsby RC20.2 
22535:39Rachel Patterson SENWWirral/Keele Uni48.1 
22635:40Helen Lester V45WEllesmere Port34.9 
22735:52Jill DarbyV50WPenny Lane Striders  
22835:53Dave BruntonV55MMersey Tri  
22935:57Alan Muir V60MPensby20.7 
23035:59Dawn Urquhart V40WBuckley RC/Deeside AAC25.9 
23136:01Stephen Jolley V50MUnattached6.7 
23236:07Bianka HannamSENWEllesmere Port  
23336:15Sharon Lamont V50WWallasey19.4 
23436:20Sally Napthen V50WChester TC19.7 
23536:21Rachel Keenan V40WVillage RR18.4 
23636:24Mark Woolford V40MWallasey25.6 
23736:28Peter Brunt V50MWallasey33.5 
23836:29Marie Motley V50WPenny Lane20.1 
23936:29Tracy Pennington V50WPensby14.6 
24036:29Alix Bee V40WVillage RR35.7 
24136:29Leah BinnsSENWHelsby  
24236:32Sandra Riley V40WVillage RR23.9 
24336:37David Hough V65MWest Cheshire38.5 
24436:41Maureen Muir V60WPensby19.3 
24536:49Jeanette GrimesV50WPicton  
24636:55Mick O'Brien V45MKnowsley23.5 
24736:59Gary Johnstone V50MPensby12.6 
24837:03Lesley Finnih V35WPenny Lane24.5 
24937:17Laura Reese V35WVillage RR17.1 
25037:18Jennifer Bradshaw V35WWallasey27.7 
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