Bedfordshire County Championships External Results
Old Warden Park
9 Jan 16

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
134:41Darren Deed V35MBedford & County-4.8 
235:50Ben Alcock U23MBedford & County/Birmingham Uni-3.9 
337:32Matt Janes SENMBedford & County/Herts Phoenix14.5 
438:04Tim Harris V35MLuton-0.5 
538:30Sam Knee-Robinson U20MBedford & County/Birmingham Uni-2.7 
638:31Simon Coombes V40MHerne Hill/Leighton Buzzard/Bedford & County-1.4 
739:14Richard Henderson SENMBedford & County/East Anglia Uni-2.8 
839:39Ian Grimshaw V40MLeighton Buzzard1.5 
939:45Matt Bray U20MBedford & County-4.5 
1040:06Andrew Headley U20MBedford & County/Kent Uni-1.8 
1140:13Samuel Wallbank SENMBedford & County/Leeds City31.4 
1240:33Paul Farmer V35MAmpthill & Flitwick-0.9 
1340:36Glen Turner V35MLeighton Buzzard/Australia7.1 
1441:01Peter Mackrell SENMLeighton Buzzard/Marshall Milton Keynes-1.8 
1541:20Rhys Lewis U20MLuton10.2 
1642:06Benjamin Corfield SENMLeighton Buzzard/Sheffield Uni5.3 
1742:10Mark Sains V35MStopsley16.5 
1842:19Ian Hammett V35MBedford H0.5 
1942:52Martin Beare V50MAmpthill & Flitwick3.3 
2043:03Stephen Hartley V40MAmpthill & Flitwick37.1 
2143:35Ryan Smith V35MBiggleswade35.9 
2243:42Stephen Headley U20MBedford & County3.4 
2343:45James Bell V45MLeighton Buzzard2.7 
2444:03John Mitcalf V40MAmpthill & Flitwick30.7 
2544:16Lee Murphy SENMDunstable2.1 
2644:33Andy Blair V50MBedford & County4.6 
2744:38Gareth Edwards V45MShaftesbury Barnet27.4 
2845:06Gary Finch V45MBedford H14.7 
2945:17Andy Bierton V40MAmpthill & Flitwick6.4 
3045:37Gez Fallon V45MStopsley6.0 
3145:40Bobby Riddaway V45MAmpthill & Flitwick/St. Albans Striders19.5 
3245:55Warren Rose V40MLeighton Buzzard7.4 
3346:01Mark Pedder V35MDunstable8.0 
3446:12John Murphy V45MDunstable5.1 
3546:32Nathan SCOTTSENMStopsley Striders  
3646:39Kevin Shelton-Smith V55MBedford H4.6 
3746:41Paul Cooke V35MBiggleswade4.2 
3847:00Giles Hawthorne V40MBiggleswade9.1 
3947:30Alastair FADDENV50MBedford Harriers  
4048:27Richard Stanley V50MAmpthill & Flitwick18.9 
4148:39Mick COURTNEYV50MDunstable Road Runners  
4249:09Mark Cornell V50MDunstable7.9 
4349:21Pat Blessing V50MStopsley8.4 
4449:47Jeremy Godfrey SENMAmpthill & Flitwick10.4 
4549:49Glynn Simmons V45MStopsley19.1 
4649:57Paul OWENV45MAmpthill & Flitwick Flyers  
4750:00Robert B Curtis V50MDunstable14.1 
4850:11Joe Hurley V55MLeighton Buzzard35.7 
4950:14Ben Bodsworth SENMStopsley25.6 
5050:28Colin Postawa SENMLeighton Buzzard29.6 
5151:33Richie JONESV50MAmpthill & Flitwick Flyers  
5252:07Marc Deans V50MBiggleswade31.4 
5352:33Jeremy Bell V50MAmpthill & Flitwick13.2 
5453:01Martin FALLONV45MStopsley Striders  
5553:22Terry Stanley SENMAmpthill & Flitwick8.3 
5653:59Sean Graham V45MAmpthill & Flitwick27.7 
5754:10Peter KEANEV50MDunstable Road Runners  
5854:34AN Other      
5955:28Andy Atherton V50MAmpthill & Flitwick21.9 
6055:55Stephen James V45MBedford H16.7 
6156:34Neil Harvey V55MBiggleswade14.9 
6257:36Chris Dimmock V45MLeighton Buzzard11.6 
6364:22Paul Brooks V50MLuton19.9 
6464:56Brendan O'Mahoney V55MAmpthill & Flitwick24.3 
6565:44Gerard Phee V45MDunstable40.6 
6665:58Robert Cook V55MAmpthill & Flitwick25.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:11Christopher Brodie U13MBedford & County6.3 
211:18James Vinnicombe U13MBedford & County1.5 
311:26Joseph Lawson U13MBedford & County15.7 
411:34Alex Alston U13MBedford & County-3.9 
511:39Freddie Bourn U13MBedford & County25.6 
611:42Dominic Grimshaw U13MLeighton Buzzard13.8 
711:43Max Hanford U13MBedford & County5.4 
811:44Nathan Hyde U13MBedford & County13.3 
911:55Robert PARRISHU13MBedford & County (n/s)  
1011:57Thomas DEARDENU13MBedford & County (n/s)  
1112:06Daniel Hemming U13MBiggleswade25.8 
1212:16Ethan GALBRAITHU13MBedford & County AC  
1312:29OLiver Dunkley U13MBedford & County37.3 
1412:29Scott Towell U13MLeighton Buzzard14.0 
1512:30Elliott Swinburne U13MBiggleswade6.5 
1612:35Owen Lindars U13MLeighton Buzzard24.3 
1712:37Aidan Brennan U13MBedford & County34.8 
1812:41Harry Bell U13MLeighton Buzzard19.9 
1913:34Ethan Cairns U13MBedford & County5.0 
2013:35Max Rose U13MLeighton Buzzard19.7 
2114:18Ewan Bell U13MLeighton Buzzard33.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:23Sofia Perusko U13WBedford & County10.7 
212:03Leah Jay U13WLuton4.3 
312:12Holly Hodgskinson U13WBedford & County8.8 
412:17Sophie Worrall U13WBedford & County22.8 
512:21Ruby Abbott U13WBedford & County17.4 
612:59Niamh Huxford U13WBedford & County13.0 
713:34Niquole Carter U13WLeighton Buzzard16.1 
813:34Zara Brooks U13WLeighton Buzzard13.1 
913:38Lucy Tapster U13WBedford & County26.7 
1014:01Louisa Sexton U13WBedford & County33.4 
1114:07Jessica Cooke U13WBiggleswade36.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:36Aiden Killeen U15MAmpthill & Flitwick2.1 
213:24Oliver Davies U15MBedford & County16.4 
313:28Ryan Saint U15MLuton22.9 
413:32Cameron Gillies U15MBedford & County4.4 
513:42Michael Moroney U15MLuton26.4 
613:54Maximus Gilhespy U15MBedford & County15.6 
713:55Richard Laursen U15MBedford & County0.4 
813:56Andrew Worrall U15MBedford & County21.4 
914:08Antonio Khan U15MLuton18.5 
1014:22Harry Brodie U15MBedford & County-3.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:55Tia Wilson U15WBedford & County3.0 
214:41Libby Jay U15WLuton10.5 
314:52Lucy-Mae Shepherd U15WBedford & County5.2 
415:07Sinead Stovell U15WBedford & County25.5 
515:23Rose Abbott U15WBedford & County12.4 
615:27Natasha Hayman U15WLuton15.9 
715:31Maisie Relton U15WBedford & County13.7 
815:37Georgia Nunn U15WLuton25.1 
915:53Hannah Shelton U15WBedford & County6.6 
1016:01Lucy Keith U15WBedford & County27.6 
1116:24Ashleigh Hyde U15WBedford & County27.7 
1216:41Molly Tapster U15WBedford & County30.7 
1318:33Gabriella Tarrant U15WBedford & County36.5 
1419:04Ellie Rabbitts U15WLeighton Buzzard36.9 
1519:51Dana Carter U15WLeighton Buzzard16.1 
1620:14McKenna Keefe U15WLeighton Buzzard36.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:27Benjamin Davies U17MBedford & County-2.9 
218:58Tom Angell U17MBedford & County15.9 
319:05Sam Barton U17MBedford & County18.7 
419:30Callum Mullins U17MBedford & County21.1 
519:40Jamie Viney U17MBedford & County11.0 
619:44Dominic Menzies U17MBedford & County17.1 
719:51Ryan Ward U17MBedford & County11.6 
821:51Sam Nicholas U17MLeighton Buzzard26.6 
1027:15Sam LEWISU17MDunstable Road Runners  
927:15James YOUNGU17MDunstable Road Runners  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:44Sarah Kerr U20WBedford & County12.5 
222:05Francesca Worrall U17WBedford & County20.7 
322:23Lauren Nichols U17WBedford & County3.5 
422:31Erin McCaffray U17WBedford & County29.1 
527:40Freya Vafadari U20WLuton24.9 
629:01Megan Westrope U17WLeighton Buzzard28.8 
729:15Leah Deverick U17WDunstable14.7 
8KXC M60
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
134:30Neil Lovesey V60MBedford H8.0 
236:53Andrew Reid V60MStopsley15.3 
337:47Alan Daglish V65MLuton/Eastern Masters13.0 
439:27Patrick Ellerbeck V60MRiverside17.2 
539:42Derek Slann V60MRedway Runners13.8 
640:30Derek Christopher V65MStopsley36.4 
740:55Christopher Clarke V60MBiggleswade22.0 
841:13Richard Hardy V60MLuton/Stopsley14.9 
942:00Bill Crane V60MDunstable32.9 
1042:48Dave Stanley V60MAmpthill & Flitwick20.8 
1145:09Fred Watt V65MLeighton Buzzard30.1 
1247:03Ian SKERRATTV65MBiggleswade AC  
1347:08Ian Sage V65MDunstable16.9 
1448:29Lance Richardson V60MStopsley33.0 
1557:37David Sedgley V75MAmpthill & Flitwick41.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
131:01Rosie McNabola SENWLuton/Sheffield Uni/Dunstable2.9 
231:53Alice Burgin U23WBedford & County/Birmingham Uni2.3 
332:15Alanah Harris U20WBedford & County6.7 
433:20Juliet Nayler V40WBiggleswade13.3 
533:47Christine Lathwell V35WLuton4.8 
634:04Claire McMahon-Adie V35WLuton7.5 
734:06Gill Fullen V50WBedford H5.8 
834:15Nicola Bowerman V40WAmpthill & Flitwick16.7 
934:52Isobel Everest V40WBiggleswade17.5 
1035:23Sally Cartwright V45WBedford H20.1 
1135:49Laura Brine SENWLeighton Buzzard14.7 
1237:32Johanna Sharples SENWLeighton Buzzard4.0 
1337:37Sarah Thomson V35WAmpthill & Flitwick33.9 
1437:46Claire Fisher V40WAmpthill & Flitwick30.8 
1538:02Deborah BEARESENWAmpthill & Flitwick Flyers  
1638:44Amy Farnfield SENWLeighton Buzzard10.0 
1739:01Joanna Aatkar V45WAmpthill & Flitwick24.6 
1839:11Kirsty Thompson SENWBedford & County17.4 
1939:16Fiona Wynde V40WBiggleswade25.7 
2039:32Ruth GRINTV45WDunstable Road Runners  
2139:35Hannah Broom V35WBiggleswade5.9 
2239:41Hattie OAKLEY-KINGSENWAmpthill & Flitwick Flyers  
2339:52Caroline Gilby V50WAmpthill & Flitwick19.2 
2439:59Julie Pritchett V40WAmpthill & Flitwick18.7 
2540:05Louise MITCALF-CLARKV40WAmpthill & Flitwick Flyers  
2640:40Keri Withers V50WAmpthill & Flitwick23.3 
2741:06Victoria Berry SENWRedway Runners12.9 
2842:11Teresa Warren V45WDunstable12.7 
2942:55Anne Golding V55WDunstable19.0 
3043:38Lisa Phee V35WDunstable17.3 
3143:51Niki ROUSEV40WAmpthill & Flitwick Flyers  
3244:05Zoe Luscombe V40WBiggleswade28.2 
3345:01AN Other      
3446:19Fiona Towell V45WLeighton Buzzard22.0 
3547:24Margaret Dewinter V60WDunstable17.3 
3648:32Amie LESLIESENWBiggleswade AC  
3749:44Julia Lines V50WDunstable23.8 
3850:56Caroline O'Mahoney V50WAmpthill & Flitwick24.2 
3960:30Jane Cook V60WAmpthill & Flitwick51.5