2XU Surrey Men's League Division 1 External Results
Mitcham Common
16 Jan 16
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
127:52John Gilbert V35MKent-3.9 
227:58Paskar Owor V35MBelgrave/Uganda-2.0 
328:02Christopher Greenwood V40MKent-3.3 
428:24Kevin Quinn V35MSouth London-3.0 
528:31Owen Hind SENMKent-4.4 
628:33Neil Phillips V35MKent/St. Mary's Uni-1.5 
728:35Andrius Jaksevicius SENMBelgrave/Lithuania-3.9 
828:55Jon Pepper SENMBrighton Phoenix/Sussex Uni2.7 
928:59Frederick Slemeck SENMHercules Wimbledon/Leeds Uni-4.3 
1029:05James McMullan SENMThames Hare & Hounds/Herne Hill/Epsom Oddballs/Hunters Bog T-1.5 
1129:15Ben Toomer SENMHercules Wimbledon-4.2 
1229:18Jonathan Cornish U23MHercules Wimbledon/White Horse-4.8 
1329:21Mike Coleman V35MSouth Kent7.5 
1429:23James Chettle SENMThames Hare & Hounds-0.9 
1529:29Alan Barnes V35MHerne Hill/Stock Exchange2.4 
1629:38Carl Assmundson SENMSt. Mary's Richmond/Sweden-0.5 
1729:38Dimosthenis Evangelidis V35MBrighton & Hove/Hercules Wimbledon/Greece-1.2 
1829:39Mike Cummings SENMHerne Hill/Hardley-2.7 
1929:53Ben Reynolds V50MThames Hare & Hounds/Tonbridge/Veterans-0.6 
2029:58Robert Drake SENMSouth London0.5 
2130:00Joe Croft SENMSouth London-2.7 
2230:02Daniel Gaffney SENMSouth London-2.9 
2330:05Jonathan Tipper V35MKent-1.3 
2430:10Joe Clark SENMHercules Wimbledon/Barnes-0.6 
2530:11Richard Gregory SENMRanelagh/Hercules Wimbledon2.8 
2630:12Zekerias Abery SENMLiverpool H/Eritrea3.8 
2730:14Dave Taylor V50MBlackheath & Bromley/Herne Hill18.9 
2830:15Simon Coombes V40MHerne Hill/Leighton Buzzard/Bedford & County-0.8 
2930:19Richard HendersonSENMHHH  
3030:21Andrew Fargus V35MThames Hare & Hounds20.5 
3130:23Kieran White V35MHercules Wimbledon/Royal Air Force-0.5 
3230:25Neil Chisholm V40MThames Hare & Hounds-0.7 
3330:34Nick Bundle V35MBelgrave11.5 
3430:37James Ellis V35MClapham Chasers0.5 
3530:39Max Lovell SENMClapham Chasers3.1 
3630:42Richard McDowell V35MHercules Wimbledon-4.6 
3730:45Colin High SENMGuildford & Godalming1.8 
3830:47Phil Killingley V35MRanelagh/Oxford Uni1.8 
3930:51Jeff Cunningham SENMHerne Hill-1.4 
4030:55Ben Hope V35MKent/Cambridge Uni7.8 
4130:56Stuart Major V45MSouth London/Thames Hare & Hounds0.8 
4230:58Gordon Pearce SENMKingston & Poly/Thames Hare & Hounds1.8 
4330:59Alex Robinson SENMHercules Wimbledon/Durham Uni-2.1 
4430:59Tim Lawrence SENMKent-0.5 
4531:02Nathan Smeaton SENMClapham Chasers13.4 
4631:05AN Other      
4731:08Ben Barry U20MSutton & District21.4 
4831:09Neil Aitken V40MClapham Chasers6.9 
4931:14Oliver MurphySENMRAN  
5031:16Rob Sherwood SENMClapham Chasers0.4 
5131:17Peter Lighting V35MKent-1.7 
5231:19Wayne Bell V35MNewham & Essex Beagles/South London0.5 
5331:20Gareth Anderson SENMKent7.3 
5431:22Daniel Ansell SENMTrafford/Manchester Uni2.1 
5531:24Joe Toomey U23MHercules Wimbledon/Liverpool Uni-1.8 
5631:30George Howard V35MRanelagh1.2 
5731:35Matthew Jones V35MThames Hare & Hounds2.2 
5831:36Tim Alexander V35MKent2.5 
5931:37Gary Laybourne V35MSouth London-3.8 
6031:37Calum Fraser SENMKent/Bath Uni0.0 
6131:37Matthew Munro V35MHerne Hill0.9 
6231:38Sean Fitzpatrick SENMHerne Hill-2.8 
6331:40Matt McDaniel SENMGuildford & Godalming-2.1 
6431:42Neil Fraser SENMHercules Wimbledon/Lauriston8.3 
6531:43Mick Keating SENMClapham Chasers/New Zealand20.2 
6631:45Peter Haarer V45MRanelagh0.9 
6731:55Nic Gould V35MThames Hare & Hounds/Croydon2.1 
6831:57Stephen Whitehead V40MRanelagh7.8 
6931:58Nick Smallwood SENMBelgrave/Esk Valley-0.4 
7031:59Tal Ramsay U23MClapham Chasers/Herne Hill3.6 
7131:59Dave RobinsonV50MHHH  
7232:02Martin Brierley-Rutter SENMClapham Chasers0.6 
7332:03Dan Taylor SENMCoventry/Herne Hill17.1 
7432:07Phil Sanders V40MKent-1.3 
7532:08Ben Evans V35MGuildford & Godalming2.8 
7632:16Tom HuddimanSENMKEN  
7732:17Andy Hamilton SENMSouth London13.6 
7832:26Neil Reissland V50MSouth London1.5 
7932:28Andrew Grigg SENMHerne Hill-0.7 
8032:28Jack Hillier SENMHerne Hill/Durham Uni-1.0 
8132:30Luke Davis SENMClapham Chasers-0.4 
8232:33Reuben McGregor SENMClapham Chasers/Leicester Tri6.6 
8332:34Robert Peacock V35MClapham Chasers3.1 
8432:35Will Cockerell V40MBelgrave2.7 
8532:42David Grima V35MHercules Wimbledon-0.4 
8632:44Jamie Bannister SENMClapham Chasers-0.8 
8732:47Chris Wright SENMNene Valley/Hercules Wimbledon-2.9 
8832:48Marc Snaith V35MRanelagh/St. Mary's Richmond7.2 
8932:51Richard Hewitt SENMThames Hare & Hounds9.1 
9032:57Carl Selya-Hammer V35MRanelagh/Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets/United States0.2 
9133:01Jonathan Smith SENMRanelagh-0.8 
9233:04George Longworth SENMHercules Wimbledon1.7 
9333:05Belal Ahmed SENMHercules Wimbledon/Egypt1.7 
9433:06James Neave V40MClapham Chasers2.2 
9533:09Alan ScottV35MClapham  
9633:09Adam Stirk SENMGuildford & Godalming/Sandhurst1.1 
9733:10James Whistler SENMRanelagh/Birmingham Uni/St. Mary's Richmond1.6 
9833:11Matthew Lynas V45MThames Hare & Hounds/Shelton2.2 
9933:12Rick Jenner V35MRanelagh2.6 
10033:13Simon Thompson V35MHerne Hill/New Zealand5.6 
10133:16unknown athleteSENMHercules  
10233:21Bryn Reynolds SENMClapham Chasers/Herne Hill-0.2 
10333:23Robin Sanderson V35MHerne Hill7.5 
10433:24Clement Sicart SENMClapham Chasers/France18.7 
10533:29Richard Mathie SENMKent/Imperial College15.7 
10633:31James Goymour SENMBelgrave6.6 
10733:36Nick Impey SENMRanelagh-2.7 
10833:37Robert Tuer SENMHercules Wimbledon1.7 
10933:39David Baker V45MSouth London7.4 
11033:41Alex Tylor SENMClapham Chasers24.0 
11133:42Oliver Morrison V35MHerne Hill4.0 
11233:49Anthony Doolittle SENMThames Hare & Hounds4.5 
11333:51Peter James SENMClapham Chasers7.7 
11433:52Brian Thursby-Pelham V40MThames Hare & Hounds/Letterkenny/Ireland17.0 
11633:52Ben Hurley V40MBelgrave0.3 
11533:53Luke Armitage V50MKent/Southern Counties Vets7.9 
11733:54Philip Pearson V50MSouth London6.1 
11834:04Ed Rees SENMClapham Chasers-1.1 
11934:05Paul Fenn SENMClapham Chasers23.4 
12034:07Richard Kimber SENMRanelagh2.4 
12134:08Jonathan Ratcliffe V45MHerne Hill/Kent1.1 
12234:11Matthew AdamuSENMClapham  
12334:26James Whistler SENMRanelagh/Birmingham Uni/St. Mary's Richmond1.6 
12434:35Nicholas Twomey SENMRanelagh-0.8 
12534:43Lyndon Meredith V35MSouth London5.3 
12634:55Mark Herbert SENMRanelagh1.7 
12735:05Sean Crummy SENMHercules Wimbledon15.2 
12835:10Sam Knight SENMHerne Hill7.4 
12935:23Dan Holmes V35MClapham Chasers/Newquay & Par13.0 
13035:25Dave Scrimshaw SENMHercules Wimbledon8.9 
13135:26Andrew Davies V40MSerpentine/Hercules Wimbledon5.2 
13235:26Rory Maguire SENMClapham Chasers/Clones/Ireland16.5 
13335:27Paul Hunt SENMClapham Chasers1.2 
13435:35Tommy DelcherSENMClapham  
13535:42Adam HayesSENMClapham  
13635:46David Ogden V55MSouth London2.5 
13735:50Lee Lintern V35MSevenoaks2.8 
13835:53Alex Mackula SENMThames Hare & Hounds4.1 
13935:58Robert Knight SENMCollingwood/South London1.1 
14036:10Bob Creed V55MCrawley/Herne Hill7.5 
14136:16Eric Dol SENMHerne Hill0.8 
14236:24Andrew Flanagan V40MGuildford & Godalming7.8 
14336:24Robert Norville V35MBelgrave4.0 
14436:28Stewart Anderson V45MRanelagh6.2 
14536:38John Foss V55MSouth London7.7 
14636:41Matthew Moroney SENMKent12.6 
14736:46unknown athleteSENMG&G  
14836:50Kit Hawtin V35MGuildford & Godalming6.5 
14936:57Chris Mercer SENMGuildford & Godalming17.7 
15037:08Philip Carstairs V55MBelgrave11.9 
15137:16James Ward V35MHerne Hill7.4 
15237:18Paul Sanderson V60MGuildford & Godalming10.1 
15337:24Graham Sutherland V35MClapham Chasers2.8 
15437:28Brian O'Kane V50MGuildford & Godalming11.9 
15537:39Philip Pryke V45MGuildford & Godalming2.8 
15637:40Victor Ray V35MHercules Wimbledon6.9 
15737:41Ben Friend SENMGuildford & Godalming7.5 
15837:45Stuart Richards SENMClapham Chasers9.6 
15937:45Fraser Hagell SENMHercules Wimbledon3.1 
16037:56Rajiv Ratan SENMGuildford & Godalming4.7 
16138:00Adrian Dracup SENMKent5.2 
16238:01Andrew Taylor SENMSerpentine/Guildford & Godalming3.5 
16338:14Paul Mitchell V50MSouth London8.1 
16438:20Mark Livingstone V45MHercules Wimbledon11.9 
16538:39Simon Woodley V40MHercules Wimbledon5.9 
16638:46Toby Cooper SENMClapham Chasers/Ranelagh14.7 
16738:51Liam Stogden SENMKent27.3 
16838:56Ben Shore V35MRanelagh9.3 
16939:00Alan Curtis V45MKent7.4 
17039:11Gideon Shawyer V35MClapham Chasers9.6 
17139:25Alexander Visram V45MClapham Chasers9.8 
17239:34Damien Wilson V35MHerne Hill9.7 
17339:49Ted Aston V55MKent16.0 
17439:51Gary Forde V45MHercules Wimbledon10.0 
17539:51Mark Cahill V40MHercules Wimbledon8.0 
17640:03Terry O'Neill V60MBelgrave/Veterans9.4 
17740:17Sam Burne James SENMClapham Chasers13.1 
17840:25Alistair Gibson V40MGuildford & Godalming10.7 
17940:27unknown athleteSENMSLH  
18040:40Nigel Bush V60MSouth London25.8 
18140:43Neil Gordon-OrrSENMKEN  
18240:50Tim Thomas V55MHerne Hill30.1 
18340:54Frank Wood V50MHercules Wimbledon21.4 
18441:21Matthew John Birch SENMClapham Chasers18.4 
18541:34Matthew Saunders V55MSouth London13.5 
18642:11Richard SteedSENMHercules  
18742:22Barry King V60MHercules Wimbledon11.2 
18842:25Andy GardinerSENMKEN  
18942:48Del HuseV40MClapham  
19043:08Jolyon Parsons V45MHercules Wimbledon23.0 
19143:10Matt Lythell SENMGuildford & Godalming18.7 
19244:03Tim Cooke V55MSouth London/Garden City Runners17.6 
19344:28Russell ThompsonSENMClapham  
19444:35unknown athleteSENMClapham  
19547:17Djordje Mijic V45MHercules Wimbledon45.3 
19648:43Alex Dunne-Gundry SENMHercules Wimbledon/Roehampton University36.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTMohamed Mohamud U15MHerne Hill24.8 
10NTLewis Laylee U17MDulwich/Herne Hill-3.2 
11NTLaurie Pope U17MHerne Hill9.6 
12NTFelix Vaughan U13MReigate Priory-1.1 
13NTThomas Blamey U13MGuildford & Godalming4.6 
14NTReef Boericke U17MStragglers30.0 
15NTZachary Purnell U15MHercules Wimbledon4.5 
16NTAlex Lyne U17MSouth London0.1 
17NTSam Shaw U15MKingston & Poly3.5 
18NTJoe Palmer U13MDorking & Mole Valley14.6 
19NTKieran Desmond U15MStragglers8.8 
2NTunknown athleteU17M   
20NTFred Geen U15MDorking & Mole Valley26.4 
21NTTom Knight U17MHolland Sports AC27.5 
22NTThomas Rigard-Asquith U17MHerne Hill9.8 
23NTMohammed Ali U15MHerne Hill24.9 
24NTBen Blamey U13MGuildford & Godalming1.7 
25NTCallum Barker U17MHerne Hill26.9 
26NTMalik MahaliU17MHHH  
27NTAlex Gurteen U17MEpsom & Ewell0.1 
28NTJoseph Yee U15MStragglers-0.2 
29NTBenjamin Harrison U13MHerne Hill-1.6 
3NTOscar Millard U15MHerne Hill14.0 
30NTCharlie Krammer U13MHerne Hill4.2 
31NTCameron Welsh U13MHerne Hill13.2 
32NTJacob Harrison U13MHerne Hill-1.8 
33NTunknown athleteU17M   
34NTOliver Timms U17MHolland Sports AC28.0 
35NTJamie Krammer U15MHerne Hill18.8 
36NTHenry Downes U13MGuildford & Godalming22.1 
37NTLewis KenyonU17MHOL  
38NTBen ClarkU17MSLH  
39NTJordan O'Dongo U15MCroydon5.6 
4NTHarley Norman U13MEpsom & Ewell-2.1 
40NTDaniel Roffey U15MEpsom & Ewell5.2 
41NTGeorge Trimm U15MHercules Wimbledon24.5 
42NTJoe Seal U13MSouth London11.9 
43NTToby Reynolds U13MHerne Hill28.4 
44NTJacob Solon U13MHerne Hill26.2 
45NTJack Dickson U13MKingston & Poly-3.9 
46NTMarcus LevttU17ME&E  
47NTEuan Sinclair U13MRanelagh12.8 
48NTCameron Smith U15MDorking & Mole Valley12.7 
49NTCallum Hockley U15MSouth London/Surrey Schs17.6 
5NTJaden Kennedy U13MHerne Hill11.7 
50NTJacob Alley U13MHerne Hill1.6 
51NTSpencer Bateman U13MStragglers-0.6 
52NTNed Craddock U15MHerne Hill18.3 
53NTNathan Sellick U15MSouth London18.2 
54NTOscar Voller U13MHolland Sports AC22.5 
55NTDillon Quirici U13MHolland Sports AC4.6 
56NTHarry Horsman U15MStragglers32.2 
57NTJames Kelly U17MDorking & Mole Valley40.8 
58NTMiles Brown U13MHolland Sports AC0.1 
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