Hertfordshire County Championships External Results
St Albans
4 Jan 15
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
138:53Neilson Hall SENMBedford & County/Herts Phoenix27.5 
239:00Matt Leach U23MBedford & County/Cambridge Uni/North Herts-5.0 
339:10Edward Shepherd U23MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Birmingham Uni/Herts Phoenix-4.9 
439:26John Eves SENMBedford & County/Dundrum South Dublin/Herts Phoenix/Ireland-4.0 
540:31Luke Humphreys V35MBedford & County17.5 
640:48Michael Wright SENMBarnet/Central-3.1 
740:59Tom Crouch SENMSt. Albans Striders2.6 
841:22Ben Nagy SENMBarnet-2.9 
941:43Matt Grant SENMShaftesbury Barnet/Cambridge Uni1.3 
1042:04Orlando Edwards V35MShaftesbury Barnet/Civil Service0.1 
1142:14Paul Adams SENMSt. Albans Striders-1.4 
1242:26Andrew Leach V50MNorth Herts-1.4 
1342:48Daniel Davies SENMShaftesbury Barnet0.5 
1443:32Euan Mackenzie U23MShaftesbury Barnet/Bath Uni9.4 
1544:01Oliver J Saville SENMBedford & County/North Herts2.6 
1644:05Luke Delderfield SENMTring RC-1.6 
1744:12Mark Crabtree V35MGade Valley-0.2 
1844:15Mark Vaughan V40MNorth Herts-0.6 
1944:50Graham Smith V40MSt. Albans Striders1.7 
2044:51Robin Brown SENMThames Hare & Hounds/Cambridge Uni Hare & Hounds/Achilles3.3 
2144:54Adrian MasonSENMBarnet & District  
2244:59Grant RamsaySENMFairlands Valley Spart  
2345:06Adam Dunajko SENMSt. Albans Striders1.7 
2445:26Simon Fraser SENMSt. Albans Striders1.3 
2545:34Steve Prosser V35MBishops Stortford/Herts Phoenix0.6 
2645:38Robert Harris V35MNorth Herts2.0 
2745:50Rajesh Patel SENMBarnet1.2 
2846:11Neill Hughes V45MGarden City Runners23.4 
2946:22Costa Michael V50MBarnet/Enfield & Haringey4.5 
3046:24Will Morris SENMBarnet0.5 
3146:27Richard McCormickSENMBarnet & District  
3246:31Tom Beach SENMRoyston0.0 
3346:40Jaime Reed V35MRoyston10.9 
3446:50David O'SullivanSENMWatford Joggers  
3546:53Michael Potticary SENMShaftesbury Barnet40.2 
3646:59James WalshSENMN Herts Road Runners  
3747:02Edward Price V35MBarnet0.5 
3847:51Rob Draper V40MHercules Wimbledon24.1 
3947:53Jamie Marlow SENMDacorum & Tring0.5 
4047:53George Withers U23MSt. Albans AC/Lincoln Uni0.6 
4148:12Simon Jackson V35MFairlands Valley Spartans0.5 
4248:19Martin WoodSENMFairlands Valley Spart  
4348:27Guy Woollett V45MGade Valley5.4 
4448:29Richard Keith Harrison V45MRoyston3.6 
4548:34Russell Casey V35MGarden City Runners3.5 
4648:45Graham Hill V40MRoyston6.1 
4748:51James Taylor V35MBarnet29.1 
4848:52Martin John Whitworth V40MSt. Albans Striders3.0 
4948:57Gary Warren V45MSt. Albans Striders4.3 
5049:03Steve McKeownSENMN Herts Road Runners  
5149:05Garth Morris V50MWare Joggers5.2 
5249:21John Ockenden SENMSt. Albans Striders21.1 
5349:22Neil Hume V40MGarden City Runners1.3 
5449:23Paul Scofield V40MBishops Stortford13.1 
5549:29Kevin Harding V55MTring RC10.6 
5649:55Steve Long V50MTring RC13.5 
5750:01Jonathan Roberts V40MGade Valley4.8 
5850:04David Beaney SENMWatford24.1 
5950:15John Auld SENMNorth Herts3.6 
6050:19Paul Allen V50MTring RC/Police12.5 
6150:21Duncan Hamilton SENMDacorum & Tring4.7 
6250:33Alex PritchardSENMSt Albans Striders  
6350:36Dylan Wendleken V40MGade Valley5.3 
6450:39Jonathan R Haynes V55MBishops Stortford/Herts Phoenix4.9 
6550:45Steve Smith V50MSt. Albans Striders8.4 
6650:47Steven Russell V40MDacorum & Tring8.3 
6750:51Richard Lowden V35MRoyston5.0 
6850:52Stewart Pepper V55MEnfield & Haringey9.1 
6950:52Darren WhiteSENMBarnet & District  
7051:02Julian Smith SENMGade Valley2.2 
7151:03Danny Digweed SENMBarnet8.8 
7251:14Colin Braybrook V50MSt. Albans Striders7.3 
7351:16Colin Taylor V55MWatford Joggers11.9 
7451:21Ian Yenney SENMFairlands Valley Spartans43.6 
7551:36Bill Hawes V45MGade Valley6.6 
7651:54Richard Somerset V45MGarden City Runners4.2 
7752:10Grant Glendinning V40MBroxbourne/Unattached12.6 
7852:11Michael Martin SENMSt. Albans Striders/Met Police2.6 
7952:23Douglas Hamilton SENMDacorum & Tring30.8 
8052:31Scott Dixon V40MGade Valley25.1 
8152:45Joe GomesSENMBarnet & District  
8252:54Michael Birch V35MGade Valley26.2 
8353:09Chris Marriott SENMDacorum & Tring0.5 
8453:14Ben HurfordSENMTring Running Club  
8553:51Simon Barnett V35MTring RC5.8 
8654:02John Hopper V45MDacorum & Tring8.4 
8754:04Paul Carter V50MBarnet7.5 
8854:10Stephen Newing SENMGade Valley6.1 
8954:46Robert Stewart SENMBishops Stortford24.4 
9055:11Steve Martin Smith V40MRoyston38.2 
9155:21David Pomeroy SENMWare Joggers12.5 
9255:29Sean MitchellSENMBarnet & District  
9355:52Rick Ansell V50MTring RC12.8 
9455:59Adrian Harwood V45MWatford8.6 
9556:01Peter Fitzpatrick V60MHerts Phoenix14.7 
9656:02Rob ScottSENMBarnet & District  
9756:02Danny WareSENMWatford Joggers  
9856:11John Manning V60MTring RC9.2 
9956:35Phil CunninghamSENMShaftesbury BH  
10056:43Philip Butson V45MBishops Stortford23.0 
10157:05John RushmanSENMunattached  
10257:17Patrick Bird V55MGarden City Runners20.4 
10357:45James TryerSENMWare Joggers  
10457:56Graham Mayoh V45MWatford17.6 
10558:08Stuart Middleton V40MSt. Albans Striders4.8 
10658:20Les Robert Taylor V50MWare Joggers32.3 
10758:34Brad Smith SENMGarden City Runners11.1 
10858:37Richard Bloom V65MHerts Phoenix11.9 
10958:40Richard Todd V50MSt. Albans Striders11.7 
11058:50Richard Bird V40MWatford Joggers7.9 
11159:06Trevor MasonSENMStevenage & NH  
11259:59Paul Whyte V35MLincoln & District24.2 
11360:19James Thomson SENMGade Valley7.0 
11460:31Jim Simpson V50MSt. Albans Striders23.4 
11560:39Andrew Trevillion SENMDacorum & Tring33.4 
11661:17Maurice Lisley V50MWatford37.2 
11761:26Derek Dutchburn V55MBroxbourne15.5 
11861:31Simon Stevenson V45MTring RC12.6 
11962:03Jason Loughlin SENMBishops Stortford  
12063:07Craig StephensonSENMGarden City Runners  
12164:32Thomas Sauka V35MFairlands Valley Spartans9.3 
12264:49Andrew Collings V50MTring RC5.8 
12365:15Dean Kidd SENMGade Valley12.5 
12465:17Richard Hutton V40MGade Valley12.4 
12565:27Trace Allen V70MGarden City Runners38.9 
12665:31John Broom V45MSt. Albans Striders/Gade Valley13.9 
12765:40Jim BrownSENMFairlands Valley Spart  
12866:30Patrick Joseph Higgins V55MSt. Albans Striders21.0 
12966:40Steven Pearson V45MBishops Stortford38.0 
13066:49Simon Bright V50MDacorum & Tring42.2 
13166:56Phil Smith V40MWare Joggers40.2 
13266:58Matthew Stephens SENMWare Joggers17.6 
13372:52Martin MedforthSENMSt Albans Striders  
13475:21Casper Du Buisson SENMDacorum & Tring17.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
127:12James McMurray U20MSt. Albans AC/St. Albans Striders-5.6 
227:40Robert Lightowler U20MShaftesbury Barnet/Hertfordshire Schs2.3 
328:19Sam Griffiths U20MShaftesbury Barnet2.5 
429:13Adam Thorpe U20MShaftesbury Barnet0.7 
529:50Oliver Poulain U20MSt. Albans AC/St. Albans Striders/Warwick Uni7.6 
630:08Michael Carr U20MSt. Albans AC20.6 
730:15Kane Bailey U20MSt. Albans Striders/St. Albans AC40.6 
830:15Jacob Hine D U20MSt. Albans Striders20.8 
931:44Harvey O'Brart U20MWatford30.2 
1032:35Jamie Abbiss U20MSt. Albans AC/St. Albans Striders2.0 
1135:34Jack Gladman T38/F38 U20MStevenage & North Herts6.1 
1235:40Jonathan HorneU20MWatford Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:47Jamie Dee U17MShaftesbury Barnet-5.0 
222:07Tom Butler U17MBarnet-4.9 
322:51George Cook U17MHerts Phoenix-0.5 
423:19Ben Clarke U17MSt. Albans AC/St. Albans Striders15.1 
523:27Charlie Griffiths U17MShaftesbury Barnet32.7 
623:30Jonty Wager-Leigh U17MChiltern3.6 
723:37Thomas Rayner U17MWatford15.6 
824:04Ben HemsiU17MSt Albans School  
924:19Oliver Formby U17MBarnet18.4 
1024:23Oscar Bell U17MHertford & Ware-1.8 
1124:31Rhys Rowlands U17MDacorum & Tring-0.8 
1224:33Samuel Howell U17MChiltern2.4 
1324:49Oliver EdmundU17MSt Albans School  
1425:11Ben Pattison U17MSt. Albans AC-0.8 
1525:17Tom HallingU17MSt Albans School  
1625:49Mark Cunningham U17MBarnet25.9 
1726:04Matthew Renphrey U17MDacorum & Tring19.3 
1826:11Edward Anders U17MSt. Albans AC/St. Albans Striders1.2 
1926:15James Costella-MundayU17MWatford Harriers  
2026:47Andrew DohertyU17MSt Albans AC  
2126:58Samuel Fielding U17MDacorum & Tring8.8 
2227:07Henry Turnbull U17MChiltern36.8 
2327:22Hugh Thomas U17MSt. Albans AC/St. Albans Striders10.8 
2427:48Sebastian BretnallU17MSt Albans School  
2529:08Joseph Peppiatt U17MBarnet9.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:46George Groom U15MShaftesbury Barnet-3.0 
215:55Jeremy Dempsey U15MShaftesbury Barnet-4.6 
316:14Elliot Dee U15MShaftesbury Barnet4.9 
416:45Thomas Fulton U15MShaftesbury Barnet-1.1 
516:57Josh Edwards U15MShaftesbury Barnet-1.5 
617:16Nathan Gammon U15MShaftesbury Barnet26.4 
717:22Daniel Streeter U15MStevenage & North Herts14.2 
817:34Adam Mason U15MStevenage & North Herts16.8 
917:50Callum Walsh U15MSt. Albans AC/St. Albans Striders22.9 
1017:53Joe Chott U15MShaftesbury Barnet20.3 
1117:57Oliver Davis U15MSt. Albans AC13.1 
1218:02Joshua Andrew Van Heiningen U15MDacorum & Tring18.1 
1318:12Adam Shiret U15MShaftesbury Barnet/Hertfordshire Schs24.1 
1418:14Rufus Kent U15MShaftesbury Barnet8.9 
1518:15Henry Rocha U15MShaftesbury Barnet/Hertfordshire Schs20.7 
1618:21Henry Fulton U15MShaftesbury Barnet3.8 
1718:42Jack Bloom U15MShaftesbury Barnet25.1 
1818:53Byron Johal U15MWatford23.1 
1919:02Elliot Breen U15MHerts Phoenix18.7 
2019:05Adam Hughes U15MHerts Phoenix-0.4 
2119:09Jacob Fenwick U15MHerts Phoenix30.8 
2219:18Rowan Daly U15MSt. Albans AC0.4 
2319:37Cameron Clark U15MSt. Albans AC21.5 
2419:57Greg HurleyU15MSt Albans School  
2520:06Jed Lumb U15MSt. Albans AC/St. Albans Striders6.1 
2621:37Matthew CarterU15MBishops Stortford RC  
2721:46Cameron Clark U15MWatford7.0 
2822:50Angus Clifford U15MHerts Phoenix40.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:22Kristian Imroth U13MDacorum & Tring-3.4 
210:44Joe Smith U13MHerts Phoenix8.5 
310:50Stefan MartinU13MSt Albans AC  
411:03Judah Yawitch U13MShaftesbury Barnet30.5 
511:04Bryce Breen U13MHerts Phoenix18.1 
611:04Josh AvenallU13MSt Albans School  
711:07Oliver Griffiths U13MWatford20.1 
811:09Ben Howell U13MChiltern19.2 
911:11Bini Bloom U13MShaftesbury Barnet1.6 
1011:18Scott Brice U13MSt. Albans AC7.7 
1111:19Conrad HollandU13MShaftesbury BH  
1211:25Louis Hunt U13MHarrow27.0 
1311:34Nicholas RalfeU13MSt Albans AC  
1411:37Alex Stapleton U13MHerts Phoenix9.8 
1511:49James Glyn U13MDacorum & Tring10.2 
1611:53Brett Rushman U13MHerts Phoenix-3.2 
1711:56Freddie Truman-Williams U13MDacorum & Tring-0.5 
1812:01Jack Dickinson U13MSt. Albans AC13.5 
1912:06James Murphy U13MHarlow AC40.9 
2012:07Haydn Williams U13MStevenage & North Herts25.4 
2112:07Matthew Stevens U13MSt. Albans AC  
2212:10Sam Lee U13MShaftesbury Barnet41.8 
2312:37Jason List U13MStevenage & North Herts11.4 
2412:43Harry ParkerU13MSt Albans School  
2512:59Andrew Rogers U13MShaftesbury Barnet20.7 
2613:04Ben Kelly U13MShaftesbury Barnet7.2 
2713:10Thomas Hughes U13MHerts Phoenix13.7 
2813:11Lewis Clark U13MWatford3.0 
2913:20Kieron Lee U13MBarnet9.4 
3013:25Jos Ross-Brown U13MBarnet39.7 
3113:43Edward Fraser U13MBarnet12.0 
3214:12Matthew CurtisU13MBishops Stortford RC  
3315:50Ralph Williams U13MStevenage & North Herts33.1 
3415:52Joe Snowball U13MHerts Phoenix41.9 
3517:04Steve BurgessU13MBishops Stortford RC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
15:15Luca Stubbs U13MShaftesbury Barnet0.0 
25:15Jamie Bailey U13MDacorum & Tring-0.3 
35:22William Hughes U11MHerts Phoenix6.8 
45:32Dylan Michel U11MShaftesbury Barnet0.8 
55:34Robert Quigley U11MSt. Albans AC9.5 
65:37Daniel Bentham U11MLuton3.0 
75:38Euan Turner U11MLuton2.7 
85:43Morgan Hume U11MSt. Albans AC14.6 
105:45Samuel Greenstein U11MShaftesbury Barnet-0.8 
95:45Ethan Brimmer U11MDacorum & Tring25.8 
115:58Thomas Ashton U11MDacorum & Tring9.3 
126:02Samuel Burnell U11MDacorum & Tring-0.7 
136:05Thomas Hobbs U11MWatford7.6 
146:07Vinny Clarke U11MHerts Phoenix4.9 
156:09Nathan MastersU11MSt Albans AC  
166:12Jake Leech U11MSt. Albans AC36.9 
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