South London Harriers V Orion Mob Match External Results
27 Sep 14
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
144:46Stuart Major V40MNewham & Essex Beagles/South London/Thames Hare & Hounds5.6 
245:06Ryan Evans SENMSouth London-1.6 
348:16Joe Lyne U17MSouth London/Trafford1.7 
448:32AN Other      
549:27Tom Holden U17MSouth London5.8 
649:34Robert Knight SENMCollingwood/South London0.5 
749:44Jim Burdett V45MSouth London13.5 
849:49Simon Manning SENMSouth London6.9 
950:59Brian Jenkins SENMOrion0.0 
1051:27John Foss V55MSouth London6.6 
1152:22George Banbury V40MOrion33.7 
1252:25Neil McGoun SENMOrion/Eton Manor4.0 
1352:26Stuart Searle V40MSouth London13.5 
1452:30James Lyne U15MSouth London-2.3 
1552:45Colin Read V45MOrion2.3 
1652:56Fred Manning SENMSouth London24.1 
1753:05Kevin Julian V50MOrion23.3 
1853:14John Mackay SENMSouth London28.3 
1954:18Philip Stiff V50MSouth London15.3 
2054:45Paul Mitchell V50MSouth London7.7 
2154:47Neil Reissland V50MCollingwood1.3 
2254:51Stephen Clancey V40MSouth London11.5 
2355:15Adrian SMITHV40MOrion Harriers  
2455:20Bill Arnold V50MSouth London5.9 
2555:27Alex Lyne U15MSouth London1.0 
2656:03Ian LAMBERTV50MOrion Harriers  
2756:16Antonio Martins V55MReigate Priory32.9 
2856:34Zoltan Fodor V35MOrion11.6 
2956:50Robin Dow V40MSouth London16.8 
3057:11Mary James V35WSouth London3.4 
3157:21Stephen Vincent V45MSouth London10.3 
3257:31Ruth Hutton V45WSouth London6.6 
3357:38Andy Collins V45MSouth London7.5 
3457:39Francis Upcott V60MSouth London18.1 
3557:57Patrick Bew U17MSouth London2.8 
3658:15Laura Manning SENWSouth London13.5 
3758:22Natasha MCKENNAV35WSouth London Harriers  
3858:28Zoe WOODWARDV45WOrion Harriers  
3958:56Andy Davis V40MSouth London13.0 
4059:13Matthew Saunders V55MSouth London12.1 
4159:29Glen Irwin V40MOrion28.5 
4260:06John Quaintance V65MSouth London13.7 
4360:18Dan Green V45MOrion7.7 
4460:19Nikkii Barnett V40WOrion23.3 
4560:21Bryan Newman V55MOrion16.6 
4660:24Pam Iannella V55WSouth London13.2 
4760:46Neil HAMILTONV50MSouth London Harriers  
4860:56Caroline Cattini V40WSouth London11.6 
4962:01Buddy Green U20MOrion6.9 
5062:28Gary Bartlett V50MOrion10.2 
5162:33Cathy DAVIESV45WSouth London Harriers  
5262:41Grant Corton V50MOrion8.7 
5362:55Nigel Bush V55MSouth London29.9 
5463:08Salvatore Ercolano V45MSouth London11.4 
5563:14Taryne McPherson V35WEton Manor6.1 
5663:28Ben SHORESENMOrion Harriers  
5763:52Toby Kent V45MSouth London9.5 
5864:01Dave THOMASV60MOrion Harriers  
5964:08Steve ADAMSV50MOrion Harriers  
6064:16Paul Williams V50MOrion13.6 
6164:26Andrew Dodd V50MOrion35.8 
6264:28Mary Armitage V50WOrion14.7 
6364:55Steven Paddock V35MSouth London14.3 
6465:07Alastair Carr V50MSouth London27.4 
6566:24Victoria Williams SENWSouth London19.0 
6666:56Graham Hall V45MOrion10.3 
6767:54Ben HEATT-SMITHSENMSouth London Harriers  
6869:18Marketta Martins V35WSouth London39.0 
6970:43David Newland V70MSouth London28.2 
7071:54Paul SKEVVITTV40MOrion Harriers  
7172:28Lisa Thorn V40WOrion22.0 
7276:39Alan GODBOLTV40MOrion Harriers  
7378:07Andrea Howlett V45WSouth London25.4 
7481:39Robert Maggio V65MEton Manor31.8 
7586:26Sacha Ackland V40WEton Manor23.3