Wessex League External Results
23 Nov 14
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
127:53Nathan Young U23MWells City/Mendip6.5 
230:30Anthony ⚓️ Clark V35MPoole Runners-0.4 
330:40Ben Renshaw SENMBridport-0.3 
431:09Ryan Walbridge U20MWimborne15.4 
531:46Tim Hawkins V40MWells City7.4 
632:04Andy Howse V45MThames Hare & Hounds/Poole Runners5.3 
732:06Nigel Rogerson V40MPoole AC2.6 
832:30Paul Jegou V40MWhite Horse/Radley1.0 
932:40Ian Luke V40MPoole Runners5.1 
1032:50Fergus Johnson U20MDorchester-0.7 
1132:58Franklyn Young V50MWinchester/South West Vets5.3 
1233:11Steve Claxton V35MPoole Runners2.8 
1333:27Paul Rose V50MYeovil Town3.7 
1433:44Neil Biss V40MWells City/Yeovil Town4.7 
1534:10Mark Smith V35MPoole Runners-0.4 
1634:34Robbie Hawkins SENMYeovil/Yeovil Town0.8 
1735:35Adam Gough SENMDorchester4.4 
1835:59Nathan Baker V40MWells City/Yeovil/South West Vets8.5 
1936:14Iain Donnelly V40MTorbay35.7 
2036:40Clint Cornick V35MDorchester13.4 
2136:59Jon Evelegh V35MPoole Runners10.3 
2237:16Simon ArnoldV45MWells City Harriers  
2337:26Mark Gosney V40MYeovil Town10.4 
2437:49Matt Driver V45MYeovil Town12.8 
2538:03Simon O'connorV50MGuest Runner  
2638:11Gary Stickley V40MYeovil Town15.4 
2738:35Deborah Glover V35WWells City/Yeovil Town10.9 
2839:37Gareth Ashmead V50MYeovil Town14.7 
2939:38Anna Lloyd V45WYeovil Town13.0 
3039:41Geoff Cole V40MYeovil/Wells City9.6 
3139:49Simon Carr V50MWells City/Yeovil Town16.1 
3239:52Gerard Lissenburg V55MHamworthy15.3 
3340:02Alan Lewis V60MPoole Runners13.6 
3440:06Sarah Swift V40WPoole Runners/Victory9.1 
3540:07Richard DodgeV50MYeovil Road Running Club  
3640:26Frances JohnsonV45WDorchester AC and WSPH  
3740:51Graham Whiffen V45MWimborne15.9 
3841:49Nigel Furness V50MDorchester23.0 
3942:42Victoria Ackerman SENWBridport16.0 
4043:14Richard Davies V45MWimborne16.8 
4143:47Mel Carroll V45WPoole Runners15.3 
4244:27Brian Shelley V65MBridport26.3 
4344:29Karen Smith V35WPoole Runners15.7 
4444:43Kate Wareham V40WFrome39.5 
4545:32Brian Mountjoy-RowV60MYeovil Road Running Club  
4646:06Nigel Butcher V40MWimborne  
4746:33Nigel Harding V55MPoole AC21.3 
4847:14Linda MemburyV40WYeovil Road Running Club  
4949:06Joanna Henley V40WYeovil Town20.6 
5049:31Lyndsay Wasiewicz V50WYeovil Town30.2 
5149:45Paul G Hine V50MWimborne37.5 
5251:16Rory Watts U20MFrome51.9 
5354:02Peter Cornes V45MPoole AC25.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:44Sam Sommerville U17MYeovil/Wells City-1.7 
215:08Jason Sotheran U17MWimborne23.8 
316:10James Bridge U17MWells City/Yeovil2.8 
416:11Michael Biss U17MWells City/Yeovil-0.2 
516:14Aidan Turner U17MWeymouth6.7 
616:16Andrew Dumbrell U17MDorchester2.7 
716:48Serena O'Connor U17WPoole Runners9.2 
816:53Aiste Razmaite U17WPoole AC/Leicester Uni8.8 
917:31George Mallinson U17MYeovil1.1 
1017:39Sam Davies U17MWimborne17.0 
1117:41Brandon Meredith U17MBournemouth1.5 
1217:55Sebastian Hearn U17MBournemouth28.0 
1318:09Emma Martin U17WPoole AC11.7 
1418:25Flora Johnson U17WDorchester7.1 
1518:37Charlotte Baker U17WYeovil/Wells City10.1 
1619:09Annabel Arnold U17WYeovil/Wells City42.5 
1719:23Connor Wright U17MPoole AC32.4 
1819:54Anna Reavey U17WSouthampton13.3 
1920:07Maddie Williams U17WWimborne26.2 
2020:11Amy D'Arcy U17WYeovil/Wells City13.1 
2120:32Natasha JonesU17WWells City Harriers  
2220:34Matthew Gerrish U17MNew Forest Junior27.3 
2321:44Eleanor DeaneU17WSouthampton City AC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:44Dominic Willmore U15MPoole Runners-1.8 
213:53Ben Lloyd U15MYeovil/Wells City-0.1 
314:36Joseph Kelliher U15MWimborne7.0 
414:42Sam Coles U15MCity of Salisbury12.4 
514:50Ben Wedlake U15MPoole Runners38.4 
614:59Michael Johnson U15MWimborne6.0 
715:07Kameron Ridler U15MLangport/Wells City35.5 
815:08Matthew Yates U15MWimborne11.8 
915:13Bradley Seager U15MYeovil/Wells City13.5 
1015:17Caitlin Carnegie U15WYeovil/Wells City19.0 
1115:19Elliott Symes U15MWimborne11.7 
1215:44Lucy Ballam U15WWimborne29.9 
1315:48Oliver Howse U15MPoole Runners36.5 
1416:06Joseph Mitchell U15MPoole Runners10.7 
1516:16Laura Irvine U15WCity of Portsmouth37.0 
1616:46Bess Bickel U15WPoole AC31.1 
1716:55Harry Feltham U15MNew Forest Junior27.5 
1817:04Shelby Cross U15WDorchester36.8 
1917:06Katie Lloyd U15WYeovil/Wells City16.7 
2017:11Grace Reavey U15WSouthampton28.7 
2117:37Abigail Rutter U15WPoole AC25.3 
2217:44Zoe Stiby U15WPoole Runners8.4 
2317:58Jessica Warwick U15WNew Forest Junior28.8 
2418:00Maya GillU15WSouthampton City AC  
2518:59George Biss U15MWells City/Yeovil Town7.4 
2619:05Joshua Divall U15MPoole AC16.5 
2719:09Briony PotterU15WSouthampton City AC  
2819:24Hannah Ingram U15WNew Forest Junior24.3 
2920:11Louise Cole U15WNew Forest Junior29.0 
3021:04Victor Watts U15MFrome43.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:47Josh Goldfinch U13MCity of Portsmouth0.5 
211:04Luke Macpherson U13MWells City/Yeovil15.9 
311:22Charles Davies U13MWimborne2.5 
411:26Fred Harris U13MPoole AC34.2 
511:33Bertie PettitU13MNew Forest Juniors  
611:39Tom Morrison U13MWimborne39.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:21Ryan Symington U13MPoole AC0.2 
27:34Robert JonesU11MNew Forest Juniors  
37:38Josh Smith U11MPoole Runners-1.4 
48:01Bradley Glover U11MWells City4.2 
58:12Conor Charlwood U13MBournemouth29.1 
68:14Ben Butcher U11MWimborne16.3 
78:17Tom Fuller U11MWimborne2.9 
88:28Iwan Wrey Brown U13MWinchester25.5 
98:36Adam Goldfinch U13MCity of Portsmouth  
108:49Oliver Hawker U11MFrome  
118:52Matthew Lissenburg U11MPoole AC16.3 
129:04Samuel Fordham U11MFrome5.1 
139:08Jules Holloway U11MWeymouth42.2 
149:16Unknown RunnerU11MCity of Portsmouth  
159:26Flynn Dodkin U11MNew Forest Junior17.5 
169:26Harry Hawker U11MFrome  
179:51Finlay Wrey Brown U11MWinchester24.3 
189:54Nathan GerrishU11MNew Forest Juniors  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:18Madeleine Johnson U13WDorchester4.7 
211:36Holly Earley U13WPoole AC29.6 
311:51Ella-Mae Wright U13WYeovil/Wells City35.1 
411:55Abbie Lovering U13WWimborne13.9 
511:57Martha Pawson U13WNew Forest Junior12.5 
612:13Anna Kelliher U13WWimborne12.9 
712:17Olivia Reavey U13WSouthampton14.0 
812:21Holly Nixon U13WWimborne7.9 
912:26Holly Paine U13WYeovil48.7 
1012:28Ellie Sproul U13WSouthampton22.2 
1112:54Fern Kimber U13WPoole Runners6.8 
1213:31Fern Morrison U13WWimborne43.5 
1314:21Jessica Gordon U13WNew Forest Junior51.9 
1414:39Gemma WyattU13WDorchester AC and WSPH  
1515:31Kym Paxton U15WFrome50.4 
1615:50Gilly Robson U13WPoole Runners35.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:55Kai Snell U13WYeovil/Wells City19.4 
28:04Ashia Wilson U11WPoole AC4.4 
38:16Megan Hulbert U11WSouthampton18.6 
48:28Hannah Blundy U11WWells City4.2 
58:34Shaina-Rose VerrallU11WWells City Harriers  
69:02Lilly Jones U11WNew Forest Junior7.0 
79:09Natalya Smith U11WNew Forest Junior7.2 
89:11Annie Mann U11WSouthampton/Halterworth4.3 
99:39Rita Richardson U11WPoole Runners29.5 
109:51Bailey GreatlyU11WFrome Running Club  
119:57Lois RoadnighU11WGuest Runner  
1210:31Charlotte Smith U11WPoole Runners14.8 
1310:35Jasmine Gordon U11WNew Forest Junior37.6 
1411:13Leah Paxton U11WFrome49.4 
1511:15Lea Divall U13WPoole AC24.7 
1611:33Amelia Gordon U11WNew Forest Junior32.0 
1713:15Kayleigh Harrison U11WSouthampton41.2