MABAC League External Results
7 Dec 14

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
132:50Keith MacIntosh V40MWimbledon Windmilers1.8 
233:40David Cairnie V40MRunnymede29.6 
333:53Scott Kennedy V35MWye Valley/Blackwater Valley Runners14.1 
434:02David Moore V45MDorking & Mole Valley1.7 
534:17Mark Bridges V35MRoyal Sutton Coldfield/Wimbledon Windmilers4.4 
635:07Oscar Subuh-Symons U15MDorking & Mole Valley14.0 
735:14Nathanael Booker SENMDorking & Mole Valley0.9 
835:22Nick Mckay V35MWimbledon Windmilers2.3 
935:28Matt Gallagher V35MWimbledon Windmilers1.7 
1036:13Ewan Bate U15MDorking & Mole Valley-1.6 
1136:55Stuart Prentice V35MDorking & Mole Valley3.9 
1237:06H JonesSENMDorking & Mole Valley  
1337:14Massimo Barcellona V35MDorking & Mole Valley8.6 
1437:17James Doddrell V40MDorking & Mole Valley29.6 
1537:23Chris Lazenby V40MDorking & Mole Valley2.7 
1637:32Joe Edwards U15MDorking & Mole Valley5.3 
1737:40Steve LowSENMBlackwater Valley  
1837:55Andrew LindsaySENMPP  
1937:56Alex RadfordSENMBlackwater Valley  
2038:14Phil Mcelhinney V45MWimbledon Windmilers7.3 
2138:21Mick Scales V45MRunnymede15.3 
2238:25David Truepenny V55MRunnymede14.9 
2338:28Samantha Pickford V35WWimbledon Windmilers17.2 
2438:48Lawrence Bate V45MDorking & Mole Valley5.9 
2538:57Elsa Palmer U15WDorking & Mole Valley4.2 
2639:01Tom Lowry U17MDorking & Mole Valley34.7 
2739:14Graeme Mackay V50MDorking & Mole Valley31.9 
2839:14Mark PalmerSENMDorking & Mole Valley  
2939:34Peter MorrisSENMDorking & Mole Valley  
3039:38Peter Metcalf V45MWimbledon Windmilers10.9 
3140:01Norman Urquia V45MWimbledon Windmilers4.0 
3240:04Guy Surtees V45MWimbledon Windmilers6.4 
3340:12Martin Davies V45MWimbledon Windmilers24.7 
3440:20Hannah ThompsonSENWPP  
3540:48Roger ClarkSENMPP  
3641:01Matt Smith V40MDorking & Mole Valley12.0 
3741:04AN Other      
3841:23Manu BerardiSENMRunnymede  
3941:33David RiderSENMPP  
4041:37S BushSENMDorking & Mole Valley  
4141:40A RunnerSENMDorking & Mole Valley  
4241:40Lowri Morris U15WDorking & Mole Valley18.5 
4341:45Rebecca Black V40WDorking & Mole Valley30.8 
4442:07Lee Williams V45MWimbledon Windmilers27.6 
4542:20Steve BaileySENMBlackwater Valley  
4642:32Steve Kemp V50MDorking & Mole Valley  
4742:33Stephen Chandler V45MWimbledon Windmilers11.7 
4842:44Graham Taylor V65MDorking & Mole Valley26.3 
4942:48Peter Collins V50MWimbledon Windmilers11.5 
5042:49Chris Horrigan V50MWimbledon Windmilers15.7 
5142:54Paul Carter V55MEpsom Oddballs8.2 
5243:01Mike Banfi V55MWimbledon Windmilers19.3 
5343:06Bronwyn Mayo SENWWimbledon Windmilers8.8 
5443:09Beatrice Allan U15WDorking & Mole Valley29.2 
5543:14Another RunnerSENMWimbledon Windmilers  
5643:22Jim Boyling V45MEpsom Oddballs27.8 
5743:31A FreestoneSENMBlackwater Valley  
5843:42J BrookerSENMEpsom Oddballs  
5943:46Fiona Blagg SENWDorking & Mole Valley7.5 
6043:55John BrierleySENMDorking & Mole Valley  
6144:08Glenn Morris V55MDorking & Mole Valley13.0 
6244:14Ella Waddingham V35WWimbledon Windmilers8.4 
6344:20Dave RyderSENMMAGIC  
6444:24Matthew Burge V45MWimbledon Windmilers19.0 
6544:33Robert LewisSENMPP  
6644:38Patrick Martin V55MDorking & Mole Valley12.9 
6744:51Julie Barclay V50WWoking9.7 
6844:54Hannah Morris U17WDorking & Mole Valley5.8 
6945:00Jimmy Lagios V45MRunnymede13.5 
7045:04Ian Strong V50MEpsom Oddballs21.2 
7145:12Ramona Thevenet V50WWoking/Stragglers13.6 
7245:16Louise P Schlaeppi V45WDorking & Mole Valley19.7 
7345:17Mark EdwardsSENMDorking & Mole Valley  
7445:25Michael Child V55MEpsom Oddballs16.2 
7545:43Geoff O'Grady V50MRunnymede9.7 
7645:46Tim Godwin V50MDorking & Mole Valley50.3 
7745:49Haywood Drake V40MRunnymede17.7 
7845:55Graham Ball V65MWimbledon Windmilers38.9 
7945:57Stephen Pumphrey V50MDorking & Mole Valley22.2 
8045:59Ken Gibson V60MEpsom Oddballs42.7 
8146:03Ken SaundersSENMMAGIC  
8246:05Ben WitchallsSENMDorking & Mole Valley  
8346:20Leigh Wallis V50MRunnymede21.8 
8446:34Stephen Jones V45MRunnymede35.5 
8546:52Bernadette Maher SENWWimbledon Windmilers8.3 
8646:53Kristof Bevernage V45MWimbledon Windmilers35.4 
8747:02Stephen Hitchcock V40MRunnymede31.3 
8847:14Judy Fitton V45WRunnymede16.3 
8947:18Jasper LloydSENMWimbledon Windmilers  
9047:27David Stanley V50MWimbledon Windmilers26.1 
9147:32David Sheridan V50MDorking & Mole Valley34.8 
9247:36Claire Morgan V50WWimbledon Windmilers17.7 
9347:40Aidan Hughes V45MDorking & Mole Valley18.4 
9447:45David Hunter Phillips V60MDorking & Mole Valley19.9 
9547:54John HopesSENMPP  
9648:07Brian Bennett V70MRunnymede33.2 
9748:12Ann Shellard V45WWimbledon Windmilers23.8 
9848:23Sam Davison-JenkinsSENMPP  
9948:24Gary Lloyd V70MDorking & Mole Valley16.7 
10048:32Paul Ronald Allen V55MDorking & Mole Valley20.1 
10148:41William BlairSENMRunnymede  
10248:49Bob FelthamSENMDorking & Mole Valley  
10349:03Lynn Stephens V40WRunnymede16.6 
10449:14Charles LaurieSENMWimbledon Windmilers  
10549:37Brian LeverSENMPP  
10649:37Sarah WalkerSENWDorking & Mole Valley  
10749:43Rob Crane V35MWimbledon Windmilers27.8 
10849:46Kevin VollerSENMBlackwater Valley  
10949:48Gillian Hudson V55WDorking & Mole Valley16.4 
11049:55David Wylie V65MEpsom Oddballs47.0 
11149:56Alyson Young V50WWimbledon Windmilers19.1 
11249:57James BarberSENMRanelagh   
11349:58Dom HallSENMPP  
11449:59Ian CockramSENMRunnymede  
11550:14Kevin Irvine V60MDorking & Mole Valley20.5 
11650:21Keith Batten V50MRunnymede13.6 
11750:24Rima ChaiSENWRunnymede  
11850:36John CoffeySENMRunnymede  
11950:40Cheyene Van Noordwyk V35WDorking & Mole Valley41.8 
12050:42Keith WadsworthSENMDorking & Mole Valley  
12150:47Barbara Rossouw V50WPyrford16.5 
12251:32Clive Scammell V50MWimbledon Windmilers16.1 
12351:35Michelle RyderSENWMAGIC  
12451:35Stephen WestlakeSENMPP  
12551:39Caroline CockramSENWRunnymede  
12651:40Curdynn AmosSENWDorking & Mole Valley  
12751:43Linda FolleySENWBlackwater Valley  
12851:52David NicholsSENMMAGIC  
12952:14Jenny Lagios V45WRunnymede18.6 
13052:34Jane Busby V55WDorking & Mole Valley32.1 
13152:40Charlotte Craig V50WDorking & Mole Valley18.8 
13252:56Charles Leonard V40MWimbledon Windmilers20.7 
13353:03John Jelly V65MDorking & Mole Valley23.5 
13453:04Catherine Bate V45WDorking & Mole Valley20.3 
13553:11Heather Dupay V50WDorking & Mole Valley25.5 
13653:12Heather Law V50WDorking & Mole Valley17.8 
13753:13Gail Wilson V40WDorking & Mole Valley26.3 
13853:26Peter Dillow V65MDorking & Mole Valley49.5 
13953:32Sue PhillipsSENWDorking & Mole Valley  
14053:46Jonathan ArundleSENMRunnymede  
14153:48Bob Bannister V55MRunnymede/British Airways12.3 
14253:49Joanne Davies V40WWimbledon Windmilers46.0 
14353:54Andy MekhamSENMRunnymede  
14454:30Sarah RushtonSENWDorking & Mole Valley  
14554:31Doug Ponting V65MDorking & Mole Valley24.0 
14654:31Brian Blackman V65MDorking & Mole Valley28.9 
14754:44John Squires V65MDorking & Mole Valley29.3 
14854:50Linda Radford V35WBlackwater Valley Runners19.3 
14955:13Richard BellSENMWimbledon Windmilers  
15055:20Louise Ayling V40WWimbledon Windmilers22.3 
15155:21Chooi PalmerSENWDorking & Mole Valley  
15255:31Eugenie Verney V60WRunnymede36.9 
15356:21Susan DouglasSENWDorking & Mole Valley  
15456:26Andrea Muller V50WWimbledon Windmilers25.5 
15556:35Barbara RodriguezSENWMAGIC  
15656:39Kevin MartinSENMBlackwater Valley  
15756:45Andrew Prior V60MWimbledon Windmilers39.5 
15856:57Alice HealeySENWRunnymede  
15957:05Christiane Schroeder SENWEpsom Oddballs23.0 
16057:25Andy DinnageSENMDorking & Mole Valley  
16157:29Karen MorganSENWBlackwater Valley  
16257:33Kevin Dendy V35MWimbledon Windmilers23.3 
16357:58Linda Davey V50WDorking & Mole Valley37.8 
16458:26Annette Barrett V45WWimbledon Windmilers22.8 
16558:35Emma Crayton V45WDorking & Mole Valley20.7 
16658:40Katy RobertsSENWPP  
16759:10Kasumi Brooker V50WEpsom Oddballs/Japan18.4 
16859:29Jennifer Child V50WEpsom Oddballs22.9 
16960:58Kay CollinsSENWBlackwater Valley  
17061:07Keith Lines V45MWimbledon Windmilers19.1 
17161:47Martin Schlaeppi V50MDorking & Mole Valley39.6 
17262:09Anne Walker V55WWimbledon Windmilers/Hercules Wimbledon25.0 
17362:16Deb MelhamSENWRunnymede  
17462:21Ray Mears V70MRunnymede39.5 
17562:24Nick Sharples V55MDorking & Mole Valley22.7 
17663:05Philip Tosh V45MWimbledon Windmilers25.5 
17763:44Emilia Freegard V55WWimbledon Windmilers32.9 
17864:41Carol Winter V65WWimbledon Windmilers30.4 
17965:17John HoggSENMBlackwater Valley  
18066:20Tracy DolmanSENWBlackwater Valley  
18166:22Soo Yau V45WWimbledon Windmilers27.7 
18266:29Karen JonesSENWBlackwater Valley  
18366:35Pauline Hawkes V70WWimbledon Windmilers38.4 
18467:58Keith Bolam V55MRunnymede43.7 
18571:18Lynne Barber V50WRanelagh18.2 
18671:18Christine David V50WRanelagh25.8 
18776:18Carol Paton V55WRunnymede30.7 
18876:51Joanna RodriguesSENWWimbledon Windmilers  
18976:52Colin Harris V55MWimbledon Windmilers16.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:30Joe Palmer U13MDorking & Mole Valley12.8 
220:07Cameron Smith U13MDorking & Mole Valley10.8 
321:00Lois Edwards U13WDorking & Mole Valley43.1 
421:13John Spillane U13MDorking & Mole Valley36.5 
522:31Ella Morris U13WDorking & Mole Valley38.6 
622:53Anju Berardi U13WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow23.2 
723:26Madeleine Phillips U13WDorking & Mole Valley20.5 
823:44Holly Schlaeppi U13WDorking & Mole Valley31.6 
923:48John BarcellonaU17MDorking & Mole Valley  
1023:49Joseph WitchalsU17MDorking & Mole Valley  
1125:03Justyn Moore U11MDorking & Mole Valley4.2 
1426:15Josh Earl U13MDorking & Mole Valley18.5 
1226:29Edward PhillipsU17MDorking & Mole Valley  
1328:38Rafi PalmerU17MDorking & Mole Valley  
1530:30Milly ManningU17WDorking & Mole Valley  
1634:57Leah Schlaeppi U15WDorking & Mole Valley47.6