Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan Schools Under 15 Finals External Results
4 Jun 14
800 1500 

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800 U15M 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:13.06James Vincent  U15MCardiff2:02.891:55.017.1 
22:17.64Nick Lai PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:17.642:10.639.1 
32:18.36Seth Kelly  U15MCardiff2:16.62:02.4226.3 
42:20.25Qais Sarvari PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:20.252:20.2548.7 
52:22.32Lathen Miller PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:22.322:09.7043.6 
62:22.45Will Adesanya U15MC&V Sch    
72:23.01Ben Jones PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:23.012:23.0144.3 
82:23.74Rhys James PBU15MCardiff2:23.742:15.138.9 
92:25.27Dafydd Law U15MC&V Sch    
102:31.80Ryan Martin U15MC&V Sch    
800 U15M 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:34.16Josh McAuliffe U15MC&V Sch    
22:35.02Rhys Gardner PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:31.292:31.2952.7 
32:36.94Jac Marshall U15MC&V Sch    
42:38.13Ethan McInnery U15MC&V Sch    
52:38.97Harrison Risborough  U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:37.12:37.153.5 
62:40.40James Scaife SBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:40.402:28.4648.1 
72:41.01Josh Wakefield U15MC&V Sch    
800 U15W 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:26.81Caitlin Exton  U15WCardiff2:22.722:22.7249.1 
22:30.45Jessica Wadey  U15WCardiff2:20.52:18.6111.7 
32:34.01Taiya Jones  U15WCardiff Archers2:24.972:21.1628.1 
42:35.16Ffion Morgan  U15WCardiff Archers2:30.072:21.9330.7 
52:39.72Carys Bill  U15WCardiff2:38.92:18.359.6 
62:41.42Jenny Ludtke PBU17WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:41.422:41.4238.9 
72:42.72Holly Ahmed SBU15WCardiff Archers2:42.722:31.653.6 
82:43.15Hannah Jones PBU15WBarry & Vale2:38.202:38.2044.5 
92:44.25Seren Davies  U15WCardiff Archers2:37.02:37.047.5 
102:44.89Katie Long  U15WCardiff2:36.082:36.0850.2 
112:50.11Carrigan Ashford  U15WCardiff Archers2:39.182:39.1853.8 
800 U15W 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:43.84Meriel Clode SBU15WBridgend2:43.842:41.328.8 
22:46.47Ellie Peterson PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:46.472:43.538.0 
32:52.61Jo Harrison U15WC&V Sch    
42:53.52Catrin Lewis PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:53.522:53.5254.0 
52:55.46Eli Wynne-Williams  U15WCardiff2:51.362:46.5653.4 
62:56.20Cerys Thomas U15WC&V Sch    
72:57.96Manon Jenkins U15WC&V Sch    
83:00.57Caitlin Thomas PBU15WCardiff3:00.573:00.5754.0 
93:00.68Samantha Thomas SBU15WCardiff3:00.682:59.353.7 
1500 U15M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:38.38Tomos Nesham  U15MCardiff4:20.944:20.9431.9 
24:39.18Rhys Jones  U15MCardiff4:23.04:23.030.6 
34:42.05Sam Williams PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs4:42.054:42.0536.5 
44:45.59Oscar Mingay PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs4:43.784:43.7850.1 
54:49.76Ieuan Jones  U15MCardiff4:45.864:27.2915.0 
64:59.58James Short  U15MCardiff4:52.904:52.9039.6 
75:00.36Antonio Peacock  U15MCardiff4:48.754:35.834.7 
85:01.25Callum Jay Stone PBU15MCardiff5:00.914:29.5921.2 
95:03.43Harry Ryan  U15MCardiff Archers4:56.584:53.0950.0 
105:03.71Declan Ellis SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs5:03.714:55.4547.2 
115:04.76Ioan Roberts  U15MNeath4:39.574:39.5751.4 
125:04.85Alfie Davies  U15MCardiff4:46.654:34.9220.0 
135:04.97Larry Ryan SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs5:04.974:01.23-3.5 
145:06.93David Austin U15MC&V Sch    
155:09.06Ben Whelan PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs5:09.065:09.0650.8 
165:13.45Sam Corkill PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs5:13.455:13.4551.4 
175:13.88Chris Berganio PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs5:13.885:13.8853.5 
185:14.33Ben Thomas SBU23MCardiff & The Vale Schs5:14.334:58.4145.5 
195:18.45Ethan Evans PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs5:18.455:18.4546.8 
1500 U15W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:27.32Kiara Frizelle  U15WCardiff5:16.304:25.4920.4 
25:29.18Alisha Hayes  U15WCardiff5:23.565:23.5628.3 
35:39.97Caitlan Jones U15WC&V Sch    
45:45.75Annalise Beynon U15WC&V Sch    
55:58.16Bethany Smith U15WC&V Sch    
66:02.60Aimee Eggington PBU15WCardiff6:02.606:02.6053.4 
76:04.66Emily Jenkins PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs6:04.666:04.6653.1 
86:04.70Bryony Parkinson  U15WBarry & Vale6:01.226:01.2242.4 
96:09.38Ella McCormack SBU15WCardiff6:09.385:40.2549.7 
106:13.55Jasmine Wallace PBU15WCardiff6:04.445:47.6145.8 
116:15.94Lydia Millward  U15WCardiff & The Vale Schs6:11.896:11.8954.0 
126:27.19Molly Jones  U15WCardiff & The Vale Schs6:02.216:02.2153.0 
136:30.14Chelsea Parker U15WC&V Sch    
146:32.40Roisin Kelly SBU15WCardiff6:32.405:56.352.9 
156:37.37Bethan Evans U15WC&V Sch    
166:48.43Elin Hughes SBU15WCardiff Archers6:48.436:19.654.0