Heart of England League Division 3 External Results
11 May 14
800 1500 

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800 U17M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:22.2Sam Edwards  U17MHarborough2:06.12:03.4034.3 
800 U15M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:35.7Javana Priantoro  U15MDudley & Stourbridge2:23.22:10.318.5 
22:41.5Ben Horton  U15MRoyal Sutton Coldfield2:28.52:11.54.0 
800 U15M B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
13:07.8Luke Stoddart  U15MRoyal Sutton Coldfield2:48.92:20.723.4 
800 U13M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:34.0Thomas Slater  U13MDudley & Stourbridge2:30.52:12.44.4 
22:44.9Thomas Kavanagh PBU13MBicester2:44.92:16.711.7 
32:48.7Kit Moysen  U13MDaventry2:36.32:32.826.3 
42:50.6Tyler Chapman  U13MHarborough2:36.62:08.911.7 
53:03.8Jacob Higgins SBU13MRoyal Sutton Coldfield3:03.82:34.521.7 
800 U13M B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:51.1George Lowe  U13MHarborough2:46.12:46.128.0 
22:52.7Lucas Williams PBU13MBicester2:52.72:52.737.4 
800 U13M ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:41.1Tom Couzens  U13MBicester2:31.92:20.923.9 
800 SW A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:30.2Bethany Ellis  U20WHarborough/Leicestershire Schs2:25.272:21.438.7 
22:34.4Maisy Radford  U17WDaventry2:30.32:30.330.7 
32:57.8Sally Howard  V35WWitney2:49.32:49.39.3 
800 SW B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:35.1Martha Clapp  U17WHarborough2:31.292:29.025.4 
23:14.1Nicola A Henman  V35WWitney3:09.53:05.519.6 
800 U15W A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:40.7Alice Tansey SBU15WHarborough2:27.92:27.631.7 
23:02.2Erin Owen  U15WDudley & Stourbridge2:47.82:44.235.7 
33:03.2Emilee Cooney  U15WDaventry2:48.02:47.934.7 
800 U15W B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:42.2Lottie Edwards  U15WHarborough2:33.772:33.7733.0 
23:24.2Katie Moore  U15WDudley & Stourbridge3:12.33:12.351.9 
800 U15W ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
13:04.6Lauren Evans PBU15WHarborough3:04.63:04.647.8 
800 U13W A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:43.9Holly Griffiths-Brown  U13WBicester2:33.22:33.224.8 
23:01.5Georgina Wilson PBU13WHarborough2:43.92:43.943.1 
33:02.7Chloe Priest PBU13WDudley & Stourbridge3:01.32:58.642.5 
43:08.9Hannah Jarrett PBU13WWitney3:01.602:45.330.4 
800 U13W B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:59.8Maisie Silvester  U13WBicester2:46.212:44.739.1 
23:10.3Jasmine Priantoro  U13WDudley & Stourbridge2:51.62:43.921.0 
800 U13W ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
13:14.2Paige Scarlett PBU13WBicester3:14.23:14.251.6 
1500 U17M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:34.1Elliot Jones PBU17MDudley & Stourbridge4:26.34:25.23.4 
25:00.6Tom Gould  U17MBicester4:43.804:43.8018.2 
35:01.2Joshua Rhodes PBU17MWitney5:00.324:44.926.5 
1500 U17M B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:05.4Jonty Renk PBU17MBicester5:04.05:04.041.3 
1500 U15M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:07.1Reece Ashfield  U15MDudley & Stourbridge5:03.34:22.03-2.3 
1500 U13M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:07.5Lewis Duval  U13MRoyal Sutton Coldfield4:57.04:26.0610.3 
25:40.0Alexander Hurrell SBU13MDudley & Stourbridge5:40.05:19.720.0 
35:50.5William Sims  U13MBicester5:38.45:37.436.2 
45:55.8William Parry  U13MHarborough5:42.44:44.817.0 
1500 U13M B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:46.6Adam Horton  U13MDudley & Stourbridge5:25.75:25.728.7 
25:58.3Charlie Shaw  U13MBicester5:50.005:50.0039.4 
1500 SW A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:51.6Sally Howard  V35WWitney5:39.585:35.99.3 
1500 SW B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:39.3Nicola A Henman  V35WWitney6:32.16:18.719.6 
1500 U15W A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:27.7Niamh Watson  U15WHarborough5:15.25:07.5627.9 
25:29.2Ellen Humpherston  U15WRoyal Sutton Coldfield5:14.95:06.498.5 
36:32.6Abigail Allardice  U15WDudley & Stourbridge6:32.16:32.150.2 
1500 U15W B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:29.2Mollie Watson  U15WHarborough5:17.55:13.426.9 
26:01.3Lucy Ollerenshaw PBU15WRoyal Sutton Coldfield5:47.25:46.628.2 
1500 U13W A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:39.0Amy Gould  U13WBicester5:26.135:22.925.7 
25:46.0Grace Slater  U13WDudley & Stourbridge5:31.75:12.98.0 
35:48.6Lizzie Clapp  U13WHarborough5:41.475:13.28.7 
46:50.9Emily Howard PBU13WWitney6:37.36:15.517.1 
1500 U13W B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:28.9Hannah Stewart  U13WHarborough6:12.35:42.924.4 
26:37.4Molly Acton  U13WBicester5:42.185:42.1821.4