Brueton parkrun # 185 External Results
8 Feb 14
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:37Daniel Tobias Robinson S30MBirmingham Running Athletics and Triathlon Club    
217:18Jonathan Ashley V40MUnattached    
317:44Gareth Wainwright S30MKPMG Running Club    
418:16Oliver Paulin U20MSolihull & Small Heath AC    
519:05Louie Boot U15MUnattached    
619:14Steven Desmond S25MBritish Military Fitness    
719:16Ben Jones U20MUnattached    
819:21Andrew Page S30MUnattached    
919:25Phil Oakley V35MUnattached    
1019:41Daniel Bickley V45MUnattached    
1119:44Anthony Dutton V40MUnattached    
1219:50Tobias Gehrke S30MCoventry Godiva Harriers    
1319:55Mark Kingsbury S30MUnattached    
1419:56Russell Davies V40MKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
1519:59James Mullins V35MUnattached    
1620:04Simon Clarke V35MCoventry Godiva Harriers    
1720:20Kevin Boake V40MKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
1820:24Andy Money V45MBadgers    
1920:29Alex Ross S25MUnattached    
2020:34Guy Jackson V40MUnattached    
2120:43Josh Lomas S20MUnattached    
2220:46Gareth David S25MShepshed RC    
2320:50Huw Bristow V35MUnattached    
2420:51Sascha Becker V40MUnattached    
2520:53Mitch Timms V55MSphinx AC    
2621:11Patrick Fellows S30MUnattached    
2721:27Nick Seagrave S30MBirmingham Running Athletics and Triathlon Club    
2821:29Paul Bradley S30MUnattached    
2921:34Andrew Martin Manning V40MUnattached    
3021:38Dean Paul Jardine V40MKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
3121:39Lee Purdy S25MUnattached    
3221:41Arthur J S Townend U15MUnattached    
3321:43Steve Armstrong V55MKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
3421:51Claire Bagnall S20WUnattached    
3521:54Simon Day V35MUnattached    
3621:55Craig Richard Flindall V35MUnattached    
3721:57Dave Ratcliffe V50MCoventry Godiva Harriers    
3821:59Neil Smith V45MKenilworth Runners    
3922:01Dylan Murphy U15MUnattached    
4022:03John Holmes V40MUnattached    
4122:09Nick Hanson V50MUnattached    
4222:10Andy Fox V40MUnattached    
4322:11Andrea Christopher V35WUnattached    
4422:17Peter Thomas V45MUnattached    
4522:18Glyn Clarke V55MUnattached    
4622:20Stephen Giblin V60MCenturion RC    
4722:20Malcolm Paulson V45MUnattached    
4822:22Russell Houghton V50MUnattached    
4922:23Oliver Bird V40MUnattached    
5022:27Akgun Ozsoy V40MUKnetrunner    
5122:28Paul Williams V50MKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
5222:29Richard Horne V45MUnattached    
5322:33Paul Todd V35MUnattached    
5422:34Ian P Cooper V35MCenturion RC    
5522:37Nigel Bassnett V45MNorthbrook AC    
5622:40Derek Bolton V50MTamworth AC    
5722:45Gary Corden V45MUnattached    
5822:49Ian Naisbitt V40MUnattached    
5922:51Peter Collins V55MUnattached    
6022:55Alison Jane Taylor V45WUnattached    
6122:58Keith Whitehead V60MSolihull Triathlon Club    
6222:59Dean Wilkes V50MUnattached    
6323:05Chris Hogg V40MUnattached    
6423:06Richard John Harris V60MUnattached    
6523:07Mark Tominski V60MUnattached    
6623:19Richard Hanlon V35MUnattached    
6723:22Paul Bean V40MUnattached    
6823:23Ben Smith S30MUnattached    
6923:25Sarah Cattell V45WKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
7023:33Steve Schike S25MUnattached    
7123:50Lloyd Barton V45MKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
7223:51Quentin MacLaurin V55MUnattached    
7323:59Alexander Williams S20MUnattached    
7424:00Evie Townend U20WSolihull & Small Heath AC    
7524:00Duncan Calvert U20MUnattached    
7624:02Peter L Brookes V55MUnattached    
7724:07Mike Green S25MUnattached    
7824:12Joanna Green S25WUnattached    
7924:15Darren Mee S30MUnattached    
8024:16Richard Haswell V35MUnattached    
8124:19Stuart Beddows V45MUnattached    
8224:21Michael McDonald V50MKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
8324:23John Cunliffe  S20MSolihull & Small Heath24:2123:1234.1 
8424:27Richard Freeman V35MUnattached    
8524:28Michael Andrews V35MUnattached    
8624:35Rosie Breslin U15WUnattached    
8724:41Vicky Poole S25WUnattached    
8824:44Paul Cozens V55MSphinx AC    
8924:45Michael Brown V45MUnattached    
9024:46Alison Shaw S30WUnattached    
9124:53Simon Hill V40MUnattached    
9224:54Charlie Hill U15MUnattached    
9324:55Hannah Webster S25WUnattached    
9425:01Andy Tindall V45MUnattached    
9525:02Katherine Atkinson S20WUnattached    
9625:02Paul Cooper V40MCenturion RC    
9725:08Andrew Kew Brown V60MRanelagh Harriers    
9825:12Nigel Foster V55MKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
9925:17Ryan Bennett V35MUnattached    
10025:24Tom Walters S30MBournville Harriers    
10125:31Helen Gibbins S20WUnattached    
10225:31Steven Brough V55MCenturion RC    
10325:33Keith Jordan V65MUnattached    
10425:37Stephen Rose V60MUnattached    
10525:43Sarah Gibbins S20WUnattached    
10625:49Adele Phillips S20WKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
10725:52Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10825:53Ben Brooks V35MUnattached    
10926:01Ewan McGrory U15MUnattached    
11026:03Jessica Walton S25WUnattached    
11126:04Mark Walter V45MUnattached    
11226:07Ben Hewitson V35MUnattached    
11326:26Estelle Bridgewater V50WUnattached    
11426:26Neal Bates S25MUnattached    
11526:30Jacqueline Nkuzi-Hung S30WUnattached    
11626:35Ruth Paulin V50WUnattached    
11726:38Gary Haddon V40MUnattached    
11826:39Bernard Blundell V40MSphinx AC    
11926:40Sarah Clements S30WUnattached    
12026:47James Agnew U15MUnattached    
12126:49Tony Hughes V55MNorthbrook AC    
12226:50Lucy McCann V40WCenturion RC    
12326:51Tim Kennedy V50MUnattached    
12426:51Indra Jenking V55WUnattached    
12526:52Adrian Bonelle V50MUnattached    
12626:54Eric John Robathan V50MCenturion RC    
12726:56Steven Brown V45MUnattached    
12826:57John Moriarty V50MUnattached    
12926:58Anne Hughes V55WNorthbrook AC    
13027:07Paul O'Donnell V45MUnattached    
13127:14Charlotte McMillan U15WUnattached    
13227:16Paul Cornock V50MCenturion RC    
13327:21Neal Carr V50MUnattached    
13427:22Shirley Gould V40WUnattached    
13527:22Jon Munns V45MUnattached    
13627:23Brian Steele V55MUnattached    
13727:33James Cuttriss U15MUnattached    
13827:34Jody Dawson V35MUnattached    
13927:35Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
14027:36Amy Richards S20WUnattached    
14127:45Michael Neil Rees V70MUnattached    
14227:51James MacDonald S30MUnattached    
14328:05Peter Hart U15MUnattached    
14428:08Fiona Quinn S25WSphinx AC    
14528:09Chris Hailes V40MUnattached    
14628:11Marcus Bentley V35MUnattached    
14728:12Enda Mullen V45MUnattached    
14828:14Kirsty Cattell U20WUnattached    
14928:16Nick Salter V50MUnattached    
15028:17Julie Brooks S30WSparkhill Harriers    
15128:21John Christopher Savin V65MCenturion RC    
15228:26William Hart U15MUnattached    
15328:26Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell V50WKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
15428:30Gemma Nash S30WUnattached    
15528:30Sarah McGrath V40WUnattached    
15628:37Jill Colyer V55WUnattached    
15728:40Elliott Wadsworth U15MSparkhill Harriers    
15828:41Jason Wadsworth V45MUnattached    
15928:49James Michael Hutton S30MUnattached    
16028:50Lorraine Janet Saunders V40WBirmingham Hash House Harriers    
16128:59Cleo Murphy-Hogg U15WUnattached    
16229:13Kevin Tomkinson S30MFetch Everyone RC    
16329:18Susan Harvey V40WUnattached    
16429:20Alicia Calvert V45WUnattached    
16529:32Lindsay Melvin V55MUnattached    
16629:38Clare Todd V35WFit4baby    
16729:39Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
16829:42Tomas Maidment U15MUnattached    
16929:44Ian Derek Maidment V45MKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
17029:46Christian Le Fort V40MUnattached    
17130:00Lorna Morris S30WUnattached    
17230:01Rosalind Spittle V55WUnattached    
17330:04Stephen Carter V50MUnattached    
17430:06Jonathan Brittle S25MUnattached    
17530:06Alison Giblin V50WCenturion RC    
17630:13Kim Sulway V50WUnattached    
17730:21Andrew Wadsworth V50MSparkhill Harriers    
17830:29Carol Hargreaves V50WUnattached    
17930:38Gill Millicheap V60WSparkhill Harriers    
18030:38Peter Shew V65MHum and Lincs Orienteers    
18130:42Michelle Anne Beddow V40WUnattached    
18230:43Paula Koustas V35WUnattached    
18330:45Ruth Delaney V35WUnattached    
18430:54Claire Deeley V50WKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
18530:56Rick Thorn V55MUnattached    
18631:02Maria Hanmer V50WUnattached    
18731:03Andrew Lucas V40MSolihull Triathlon Club    
18831:09Verity Atkins S20WUnattached    
18931:11Peter Ridley V35MUnattached    
19031:16David Cotton S30MUnattached    
19131:17Anne Newson S30WUnattached    
19231:22Jessica Cutler U15WUnattached    
19331:32Julie Ballantyne S30WUnattached    
19431:32Robert Dowse S25MBirmingham Running Athletics and Triathlon Club    
19531:41Colin Stewart V50MUnattached    
19631:56Paul Jeffrey V55MUnattached    
19731:57William Maidment U15MUnattached    
19832:04Michelle Wood V45WUnattached    
19932:15Robert Shovelton S25MUnattached    
20032:32Rosie Truman U20WUnattached    
20132:32Michael Truman V45MUnattached    
20232:53Lauren Edwards S30WUnattached    
20333:10Siobhan O'Donnell V45WKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
20433:12Suzanne Cutler V40WUnattached    
20533:18Lalania Squires V40WSparkhill Harriers    
20633:21Angeli Fernando U15WUnattached    
20733:40Steve Marks V60MKnowle and Dorridge Running Club    
20833:42Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
20933:57Ellie Puopolo U20WUnattached    
21034:08Joanne Margaret Brown V45WUnattached    
21134:29Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
21234:31Anna Cave V45WUnattached    
21334:38Kate Walter U15WUnattached    
21434:40Gracey Collins U20WUnattached    
21534:44Evie White U15WUnattached    
21634:51Leah McCormack S20WUnattached    
21735:20Debbie Thomas V40WUnattached    
21835:24Susan Pegg V45WUnattached    
21936:51Margaret Smith V80WUnattached    
22038:25Simon Morris S30MMassey Ferguson RC    
22139:10Faye Whittle V35WUnattached    
22239:35Jake Murphy U15MUnattached    
22339:51Jenni Blake S30WUnattached    
22440:49James Hailes U15MUnattached    
22542:32Joseph Goodwin U15MMassey Ferguson RC    
22642:33David Goodwin V35MMassey Ferguson RC    
22743:57Elizabeth Wilson V35WUnattached    
22849:46Youheng Yang U15MUnattached    
22949:47Frank Yang V35MUnattached    
23055:25Charles Edward Morley V80MUnattached