Dorset Schools' Championships External Results
16 Jan 14
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTAndrew Smith U17MPoole Runners-0.8 
10NTS HawthorneU20MDorset  
11NTEddy Horn U20MDorset Schs34.7 
12NTC GeorgeU20MDorset  
13NTT HutchingsU20MDorset  
14NTAn OtherU20MDorset  
15NTO EspostiU20MDorset  
16NTG CooperU20MDorset  
17NTJ MallinsonU20MDorset  
18NTA GuinnessU20MDorset  
19NTF WarrenU20MDorset  
2NTDaniel Mulryan U20MPoole Runners-4.1 
20NTG HatchardU20MDorset  
21NTF BracherU20MDorset  
22NTJ LandymoreU20MDorset  
23NTAn OtherU20MDorset  
24NTJ DouganU20MDorset  
25NTT GibbonsU20MDorset  
26NTT Dorrien-SmithU20MDorset  
27NTC HareU20MDorset  
28NTJ PalmerU20MDorset  
29NTH BlakeU20MDorset  
3NTFergus Johnson U17MDorchester-0.5 
30NTJ AddisonU20MDorset  
4NTJosh Nevin U20MBournemouth18.5 
5NTRyan Walbridge U17MWimborne15.9 
6NTJames Sewry U20MYeovil/Wells City12.0 
7NTE LaslettU20MDorset  
8NTAn OtherU20MDorset  
9NTL AckermanU20MDorset  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTJason Sotheran U17MWimborne24.3 
10NTF FullerU17MDorset  
11NTMichael Biss U15MWells City/Yeovil0.3 
12NTA CarterU17MDorset  
13NTJ YoungU17MDorset  
14NTAidan Turner U15MWeymouth2.0 
15NTJ Hywel-DaviesU17MDorset  
16NTSam Crane U17MDorset Schs51.6 
17NTLouis Coppard U17MWimborne/Dorset Schs39.7 
18NTI RossU17MDorset  
19NTTom Freeman U15MPoole AC22.2 
2NTSam Brown Araujo U15MPoole Runners-3.6 
20NTB SimpsonU17MDorset  
21NTTimothy Rutland U17MPoole Runners7.1 
22NTR SailsburyU17MDorset  
23NTO BurfordU17MDorset  
24NTJ PadiachyU17MDorset  
25NTJ BirtlesU17MDorset  
26NTJ OsbornU17MDorset  
27NTO PayneU17MDorset  
28NTS DaviesU17MDorset  
29NTH OsborneU17MDorset  
3NTAshley Parker U15MPoole AC26.7 
30NTH BaugnietU17MDorset  
31NTE RogersU17MDorset  
32NTB ThorpeU17MDorset  
33NTM GuylerU17MDorset  
34NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
35NTR CarrU17MDorset  
36NTX NormanU17MDorset  
37NTS ShepherdU17MDorset  
38NTJ CotterU17MDorset  
39NTB BayesU17MDorset  
4NTPiers Copeland U15MWimborne-6.5 
40NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
41NTS BelcherU17MDorset  
42NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
43NTO HilborneU17MDorset  
44NTH RielckeU17MDorset  
45NTH LobbU17MDorset  
46NTA AlthamU17MDorset  
47NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
48NTC HathornU17MDorset  
49NTC O'NeillU17MDorset  
5NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
50NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
51NTJ MatthewsU17MDorset  
52NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
53NTT WinksU17MDorset  
54NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
55NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
56NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
57NTM PearceU17MDorset  
58NTC CrabbU17MDorset  
59NTA BalsomU17MDorset  
6NTK WellmanU17MDorset  
60NTH MortimerU17MDorset  
61NTA GrangeU17MDorset  
62NTL ParryU17MDorset  
63NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
64NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
65NTA Abo RashedU17MDorset  
66NTW ElmoreU17MDorset  
67NTA F-ThompsonU17MDorset  
68NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
69NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
7NTD TrickettU17MDorset  
70NTA BotrosU17MDorset  
71NTC FarrarU17MDorset  
72NTE HodgeU17MDorset  
73NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
74NTS O'DonohoeU17MDorset  
75NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
76NTL TuckU17MDorset  
77NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
78NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
79NTT HooperU17MDorset  
8NTAlex Miles U17MDorset Schs30.2 
9NTFraser Read U17MWimborne/Team Dorset49.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTThomas Bourne U15MWimborne12.9 
10NTJoseph Miles U15MWimborne25.3 
100NTL LeggU15MDorset  
101NTO HouseU15MDorset  
102NTL GibsonU15MDorset  
103NTS KeatesU15MDorset  
104NTA Carlyle-IveU15MDorset  
105NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
106NTC WakefieldU15MDorset  
107NTB CummingsU15MDorset  
108NTD BolerU15MDorset  
109NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
11NTJoseph Kelliher U15MWimborne7.5 
110NTO PittsU15MDorset  
111NTGeorge Biss U13MWells City/Yeovil Town7.6 
112NTH WhitfieldU15MDorset  
113NTB BrownU15MDorset  
114NTDanny Banyard U13MPoole AC27.0 
115NTT LeeU15MDorset  
116NTJed Gravell U15MDorchester  
117NTG JacksonU15MDorset  
118NTT BarnesU15MDorset  
119NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
12NTO CauteU15MDorset  
120NTH SkurdsU15MDorset  
121NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
122NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
123NTT JohnsonU15MDorset  
124NTT WhiteU15MDorset  
125NTD PriceU15MDorset  
126NTJ HorwoodU15MDorset  
13NTElliott Symes U13MWimborne12.2 
14NTT CrabtreeU15MDorset  
15NTR OliffeU15MDorset  
16NTT ChantU15MDorset  
17NTH JonesU15MDorset  
18NTN TurnerU15MDorset  
19NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
2NTJed Skilton U13MPoole AC5.7 
20NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
21NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
22NTR GloverU15MDorset  
23NTNick Milton U15MDorset Schs  
24NTL BakerU15MDorset  
25NTC CarurstU15MDorset  
26NTT HallU15MDorset  
27NTJ PoeU15MDorset  
28NTJ WakefieldU15MDorset  
29NTMatthew Yates U15MWimborne12.2 
3NTDominic Willmore U15MPoole Runners-2.6 
30NTS HandysideU15MDorset  
31NTB RobertshawU15MDorset  
32NTJ HoganU15MDorset  
33NTC MossU15MDorset  
34NTC NixonU15MDorset  
35NTG BaugnietU15MDorset  
36NTJ MitchellU15MDorset  
37NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
38NTE BellU15MDorset  
39NTJ CoxU15MDorset  
4NTD JamesU15MDorset  
40NTJ OstlingU15MDorset  
41NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
42NTB CarruscoU15MDorset  
43NTTim Hughes U15MDorset Schs54.0 
44NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
45NTJ TraffordU15MDorset  
46NTW BlackledgeU15MDorset  
47NTT O'SullivanU15MDorset  
48NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
49NTA CameronU15MDorset  
5NTLiam Murphy-Parry U13MWimborne23.8 
50NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
51NTJoshua Frampton U15MWeymouth  
52NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
53NTN HellierU15MDorset  
54NTM SzklinskiU15MDorset  
55NTJ BerryU15MDorset  
56NTT BradburyU15MDorset  
57NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
58NTJ MccloskeyU15MDorset  
59NTB SamuelU15MDorset  
6NTB WedlakeU15MDorset  
60NTC MckinnonU15MDorset  
61NTL BurtU15MDorset  
62NTA HawkesU15MDorset  
63NTFred Scotson U15MWimborne54.0 
64NTA StaplesU15MDorset  
65NTA RawlingsU15MDorset  
66NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
67NTL VerkairU15MDorset  
68NTB SteadU15MDorset  
69NTC Campbell-SmithU15MDorset  
7NTH Bramwell ReeksU15MDorset  
70NTE HaffieldU15MDorset  
71NTA SelbyU15MDorset  
72NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
73NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
74NTC SmallU15MDorset  
75NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
76NTA BurroughU15MDorset  
77NTM ParishU15MDorset  
78NTJ TurnerU15MDorset  
79NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
8NTM JohnsonU15MDorset  
80NTHarrison Foot U13MDorset Schs45.9 
81NTB HodgeU15MDorset  
82NTJ MorrisonU15MDorset  
83NTL GavinU15MDorset  
84NTB AllenU15MDorset  
85NTT BostockU15MDorset  
86NTF FluteU15MDorset  
87NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
88NTM Denton-SmithU15MDorset  
89NTO GriffithsU15MDorset  
9NTD BaynhamU15MDorset  
90NTJ RapinU15MDorset  
91NTR BodmanU15MDorset  
92NTT BallamU15MDorset  
93NTC ChurchillU15MDorset  
94NTC MaidmentU15MDorset  
95NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
96NTC FarrugiaU15MDorset  
97NTKeelan Abley U15MBournemouth38.6 
98NTO AtkinsonU15MDorset  
99NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTE CoxU13MDorset  
10NTA FeltonU13MDorset  
100NTZach Fenwick U13MWimborne6.0 
101NTD DoubleU13MDorset  
102NTM SpicerU13MDorset  
103NTA PanchaldU13MDorset  
104NTF StoneU13MDorset  
105NTJ TaylorU13MDorset  
106NTA ElliottU13MDorset  
107NTG GarratU13MDorset  
108NTJ DyerU13MDorset  
109NTAn OtherU13MDorset  
11NTRyan Purse U13MWeymouth29.9 
110NTAn OtherU13MDorset  
111NTA RoseU13MDorset  
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