Malcolm Peggs
Loftus & Whitby
Age Group:
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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a Polar heart rate monitor.

 Rewards Running 2017 competition runs until September 2017

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Time  Hrs  Mins  Secs

2M16:21North Yorkshire & South Durham League Relays6.0-0.224 Sep 17+
8.9K50:28North Yorkshire & South Durham League6.01.13 Dec 17+
5K20:14Tees 5K Summer Trail Series4.6-7.720 Aug 15+
12K63:41North Eastern County Championships1.32.19 Dec 17+
5K24:49Stockton Winter 5K Series4.0-0.611 Dec 16+
5K27:02Preston Park Winter Series 5K2.83.78 Oct 17
9.5K52:32North Yorkshire & South Durham League4.42.219 Feb 17
5K26:00Stockton Winter 5K Series5.10.420 Nov 16
5K25:02Stockton Winter 5K Series3.80.09 Oct 16
8M68:50Loftus Poultry Run 82.6-1.218 Dec 16
2M16:25North Yorkshire & South Durham League Relays6.00.82 Oct 16
5K25:57Stockton on Tees Trail 5K6.01.719 May 16
1M6:59North York Moors AC Relay (4 x Mile)2.00.025 Aug 16
5K24:30Tees Trail 5K4.80.328 Feb 16
9.7K50:49North Yorkshire & South Durham League6.00.423 Jan 16
5.5M41:22Old Monks Jan 16
1M6:55North York Moors AC Relay (4 x Mile)1.90.026 May 16
10K51:08Raby Castle 10K2.23.015 May 16
9.5K50:38North Yorkshire & South Durham League5.41.87 Feb 16
9.3K45:04North Yorkshire & South Durham League2.40.74 Oct 15
5K24:15Coast Road 5K Series0.24.527 Apr 16
5K24:38Tees 5K Summer Trail Series4.80.610 Sep 15
10.4K58:54Yorkshire County Championships6.03.79 Jan 16
5K23:22New Marske Autumn Coast Road 5K0.62.42 Sep 15
10K51:09Raby Castle 10K2.42.917 May 15
5.5M44:26Old Monks Jan 15
5K26:58Tees 5K Summer Trail Series6.03.421 May 15
10K56:48Yorkshire Vet's Grand Prix 10K6.03.97 Jun 15
5K32:57Tees Trail 5K6.09.628 Jul 16
5K25:19Tees 5K Summer Trail Series1.45.223 Apr 15
5K23:09New Marske Autumn Coast Road 5K1.02.13 Sep 14
5K26:23Tees 5K Summer Trail Series0.87.630 Jul 15
5K23:14Stockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series2.61.415 May 14
5K22:58New Marske Spring Coast Road 5K1.42.130 Apr 14
5K23:39Stockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series2.62.224 Apr 14
12K59:08ECCA English National Championships2.02.422 Feb 14
12K63:14Yorkshire County Championships5.22.24 Jan 14
8M64:58Loftus Poultry Run 82.91.222 Dec 13
7M54:37Maltby 71.62.210 Nov 13
5K23:38Stockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series4.40.325 Jul 13
8M63:02Loftus Poultry Run1.80.013 Feb 11
5K21:11Summer Coast Road 5K0.60.029 Jun 11
7M54:28Kilburn Feast 73.20.510 Jul 11
10K45:50Marske Victorian 10K1.40.324 Jul 11
5K21:34Autumn Coast Road 5K1.0-0.27 Sep 11
5.5M43:27Hartlepool Old Monks Jan 12
5M37:36Ann Johnson Absent Friends 53.2-0.212 Feb 12
5M38:07Hartlepool Marina 5 (Inc NE Veterans' Champs)-0.23.81 Apr 12
5K22:48New Marske Mermaid 10K0.82.46 Apr 12
10K49:59Helmsley 10K2.82.68 Apr 12
10K54:02Mulgrave Castle 10K5.03.93 Jun 12
7M59:22Kilburn 73.24.38 Jul 12
5K22:55New Marske Autumn Coast Road 5K0.43.05 Sep 12
10K47:16Foston and Thornton Le Clay 10K1.81.223 Sep 12
7M53:59Maltby 71.41.911 Nov 12
5.5M42:06Old Monks 5.54.0-0.46 Jan 13
10K45:20New Marske Mermaid 10K0.30.929 Mar 13
5K22:01New Marske Spring Coast Road 5K1.7-0.117 Apr 13
5K23:09Stockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series3.00.89 May 13
10K50:05Raby Castle 10K2.43.126 May 13
5K23:07Stockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series2.61.230 May 13
10K52:17Mulgrave Castle 10K4.82.62 Jun 13
5K22:10Stockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series1.70.220 Jun 13
5K21:47New Marske Summer Coast Road 5K0.11.126 Jun 13
5K22:58Stockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series2.80.711 Jul 13
10K45:52New Marske Victorian 10K0.71.021 Jul 13
5K22:44Stockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series1.41.622 Aug 13

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XC49:51North Yorkshire & South Durham League14 Nov 10
XC46:22North Yorkshire & South Durham League16 Jan 11
XC46:43North Yorkshire & South Durham League6 Feb 11
XC43:53North Yorkshire & South Durham League20 Feb 11
XC54:57North Yorkshire & South Durham League13 Mar 11
XC43:32North Yorkshire & South Durham League4 Dec 11
XC48:59North Yorkshire & South Durham League15 Jan 12
XC47:24North Yorkshire & South Durham League5 Feb 12
XC44:35North Yorkshire & South Durham League19 Feb 12
XC52:08North Yorkshire and South Durham League14 Oct 12
XC43:26North Yorkshire and South Durham League27 Oct 12
XC38:50North Yorkshire and South Durham League18 Nov 12
XC48:03North Yorkshire and South Durham League2 Dec 12
FELL45:56Captain Cook's Race (5M/1043ft)1 Jan 13
FELL59:14Broughton Woods Wobble (4.5M/1220ft)3 Feb 13
XC44:51North Yorkshire & South Durham League17 Feb 13
XC50:01North Yorkshire & South Durham League3 Mar 13
XC14:23NYSD Relays10 Mar 13
FELL2:06:42Gisborough Moors (12.4M/2789ft)21 Apr 13
FELL1:44:44Fox & Hounds Chase (9M/1499ft)5 May 13
FELL50:52Carlton Challenge (5M/1181ft)15 May 13
FELL57:46Cock Howe And Beyond (7.1M/1509ft)17 Jul 13
FELL75:00Gribdale Gallop (7.2M/1919ft)31 Jul 13
FELL57:31Guisborough Grunt (6.2M/1365ft)14 Aug 13
FELL59:33Inclined To Madness (6.2M/1230ft)28 Aug 13
XC52:22North Yorkshire & South Durham League6 Oct 13
XC45:13North Yorkshire & South Durham League27 Oct 13
XC46:54North Yorkshire & South Durham League17 Nov 13
XC38:25North Yorkshire & South Durham League1 Dec 13
FELL70:26Guisborough Woods (5.5M/1234ft)27 Dec 13
FELL49:43Captain Cook's Races (5M/1043ft)1 Jan 14
XC43:43North Yorkshire & South Durham League12 Jan 14
XC53:11North Yorkshire & South Durham League9 Feb 14
FELL62:34Cock Howe And Beyond (7.1M/1509ft)23 Jul 14
FELL79:27Gribdale Gallop (7.2M/1919ft)6 Aug 14
FELL65:08Guisborough Grunt (6.2M/1365ft)20 Aug 14
FELL68:02Inclined To Madness (6.2M/1230ft)27 Aug 14
XC15:56North Yorkshire & South Durham League Relays21 Sep 14
XC52:02North Yorkshire & South Durham League5 Oct 14
XC48:38North Yorkshire & South Durham League25 Oct 14
XC46:52North Yorkshire & South Durham League15 Nov 14
XC46:39North Yorkshire & South Durham League10 Jan 15
XC47:55North Yorkshire & South Durham League8 Feb 15
XC51:35North Yorkshire & South Durham League25 Oct 15
XC48:35North Yorkshire & South Durham League12 Nov 16
XC54:41Yorkshire County Championships7 Jan 17