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In 2017, each week from April to September, one runner drawn at random from all those that have improved their handicap that week and have clicked their clock will receive a Polar heart rate monitor.

The competition uses the results of all runbritain licensed events (including parkruns), each Wednesday to the following Tuesday, that have been uploaded by 12 noon each Wednesday. There will be an additional column, that conceals a clock, alongside your result. By clicking it, it will reveal the percentage change in your runbritain handicap score compared to that last week.

Results of events taking place up until 5pm on a Monday are expected to be listed before noon on Wednesday, depending on the race organiser's timing in making available full results to us.

To enter the competition you must have:
- claimed your handicap and then login
- completed a runbritain licensed race or parkrun this week
- clickyourclock on the relevant results page to enter
- entered before 12 noon each Wednesday

The leaderboard will be displayed until the competition closes at precisely 12 noon each Wednesday. After then the prize winner will be drawn at random and we will contact that person by email to arrange delivery of the prize.

If any Polar prize winner has not responded to the email notification by 5pm Friday, the prize will roll over to the next week and the runbritain Reward Running competition will continue for another week.

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Leaderboard Wed 21 Jun 2017 - Tue 27 Jun 2017
Previous 6 Months
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All Time
1Chris Williams11514.37807-Jan-174.9573.8801.0787.213.46
2Dougie Potter12415.05201-Oct-165.3944.4180.9756.344.21
3Ben Walmsley11012.31614-Apr-172.5061.5860.9207.355.93
4Chris Miles12112.04127-May-172.0721.3100.7626.316.07
5Simon Croft1141-0.09914-Jun-17-0.099-0.8380.7397.467.46
6Mark Billington21516.09609-Feb-146.3625.6280.7344.482.91
7James Dalgleish11112.79120-May-172.8712.3070.5644.383.78
8Chris Norman1821.20121-Sep-161.4650.9540.5104.452.20
9Michael Bruce220111.27431-Jan-1512.11111.6380.4732.14-1.71
10Jonathan Malone1411.44202-Jun-171.4421.1170.3252.842.84
11Kirstian Macruary1712.86007-Jun-172.8602.6080.2511.961.96
12Jonathan Peebles11310.55318-Jun-170.5530.3920.1601.521.52
13Andy Chiu21917.02703-Jun-177.0877.0180.0690.400.05
14Christopher Moren1331-0.11525-Dec-160.1910.1700.0210.21-2.88
15Max Polson2918.81811-Jun-169.0709.0700.0000.00-1.34
16Allen Marr23216.07710-Jun-176.0776.095-0.018-0.11-0.11
17Neil Rose22218.43706-May-178.6118.631-0.020-0.11-1.05
18Susan Hughes314114.82608-Apr-1715.18015.220-0.040-0.16-1.59
19Fabrice Scoupe13311.55115-Apr-171.6781.718-0.040-0.34-1.45
20Adam Gamble2114.79310-Dec-166.1755.2400.9355.78-3.03