SunFlowers Halewood 5K Series External Results
3 Feb 18
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:05   Ciaran Walsh PBSENMSouthport Waterloo/Keele Uni16:0516:05-2.0 
216:12   Joseph Boden PBSENMWallasey/West Cheshire16:1216:12-1.4 
316:14   Chris Pownell PBSENMKnowsley16:1416:14-0.7 
416:27   Mark Wynne SBV40MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton16:2716:130.1 
516:34   Mark Clair SBV35MMersey Tri16:3416:060.4 
616:51   Chris Fance PBU23MWarrington AC16:5116:51-0.2 
716:54   Tom O'Dowd SENMKnowsley Harriers AC    
816:54   Ian Wetherall SBV50MSale Harriers Manchester/Police/West Cheshire16:5415:05-0.8 
917:13   Christian Harvey SBU20MKnowsley17:1316:520.3 
1017:23   Ashley Crawford SENM     
1117:27   Jack Poland PBSENMWallasey17:2717:271.8 
1217:32   Josh Keogh SBSENMPenny Lane17:3217:303.0 
1317:37   David Wilson PBSENMSt. Helens Striders17:3717:372.9 
1418:22   Tony Lawlor SBV50MKnowsley18:2216:532.3 
1518:27   Matthew Clair SBSENMLiverpool RC18:2718:093.8 
1618:43   Phil Riding SBV40MPenny Lane18:4317:423.1 
1718:47   David Lawton SBV35MLiverpool RC18:4717:345.1 
1818:50   Mark Dodd SENMEllesmere Port RC    
1918:53   John McLaren SBV35MKnowsley18:5318:344.1 
2019:02   Jenny Knass SBV35WStockport19:0217:345.3 
2119:02   Steven Edwards SBSENMEllesmere Port19:0218:144.2 
2219:05   Lisa Gawthorne SBV35WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Mersey Tri19:0518:506.8 
2319:12   Steven Irwin SBV55MKirkby Milers19:1218:455.1 
2419:14   Luke Harrison SBSENMPenny Lane19:1418:413.8 
2519:22   John Halson SBV55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:2218:104.7 
2619:35   John Harrison SBV35MEllesmere Port19:3519:276.0 
2720:27   Tim Grace SBV45MMersey Tri20:2718:377.9 
2820:37   Alan Joyce SBV60MKnowsley20:3719:348.1 
2920:46   Richard Costain SBSENMPenny Lane20:4619:507.2 
3020:54   Peter Sandford SBV60MDallam Sports Association20:5417:338.6 
3121:02   William John Jones SBV50MKnowsley21:0218:558.2 
3221:09   Andrew Glen SBV50MKnowsley21:0919:177.0 
3321:10   Angela Delaney SBV50WKirkby Milers21:1019:419.5 
3421:15   Marina Maxwell PBV45WWidnes Running Club21:1521:1512.1 
3521:16   Robert Wood SBV60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton21:1619:237.3 
3621:22   Robert Moore SBV40MKnowsley21:2219:156.8 
3721:23   Jamie Brooke SENMKnowsley Harriers AC    
3821:33   Grant Davidson SBV40MMersey Tri/Penny Lane21:3320:229.4 
3921:40   Chris Wills SBV40MKnowsley21:4021:2910.5 
4021:46   Joanne Harrison PBSENWPenny Lane21:4621:4610.6 
4121:48   Graham Deane PBV35MKnowsley21:4821:4812.1 
4221:57   Steve Pemberton SBV60MPenny Lane21:5718:479.8 
4322:00   Jennifer Grant SBU13WLiverpool H22:0021:4511.7 
4422:05   Tony Peacock  V65MPenny Lane22:0319:309.5 
4522:09   Nigel Grant SBV55MPenny Lane22:0916:426.3 
4622:17   Graham Liu SBV50MSouthport Waterloo22:1722:0911.7 
4722:24   Christopher Mcelroy SBV35MMossley Hill/Unattached22:2420:329.0 
4822:45   Suzy Hamley PBV35WKnowsley22:4522:4515.8 
4922:51   Sinead Cairns PBSENWKnowsley22:5122:5114.7 
5022:52   Simon Rafferty SENM     
5123:00   Rachael Holden SBSENWHelsby RC23:0022:2912.6 
5223:02   Dave Downey SENM     
5323:10   Susie Woodward-Moo SENWHelsby Running Club    
5423:22   John Dobie SENMKnowsley Harriers AC    
5523:23   Alan Spencer  V65MKnowsley23:1820:159.4 
5623:28   Dawn Atherton SBSENWKnowsley23:2822:2915.2 
5724:16   Aaron Ewans SENMKnowsley Harriers AC    
5824:18   Colin Ewans SENM     
5924:30   Stuart Brandwood SBV40MPenny Lane24:3023:3414.9 
6024:52   Lisa Davidson SENWMersey Tri    
6124:57   Billy Hargreaves SENM     
6225:09   Andrea Marsh SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
6325:23   Andrew Bradley PBSENMKnowsley25:2325:2316.5 
6425:32   David Limbrick  V55MIslwyn25:0422:3613.1 
6525:33   Rachel Kuypers PBV40WWidnes Wasps25:3325:3317.8 
6625:39   Robert Bricout SBV50MClapham Chasers25:3923:2115.5 
6726:17   Mike Welsby SBV50MPenny Lane26:1724:5520.7 
6826:26   Michael Gillespie SENM     
6926:55   Claire Meadows SBV45WPenny Lane26:5524:4918.4 
7027:11   Chris Moor SENM     
7127:11   Sian Kilty SBV35WMossley Hill27:1124:4518.4 
7227:12   Kathryn Horsley SBV45WKnowsley27:1226:5219.0 
7327:44   Martin Weadock SENM     
7427:57   Lee Yates SENMKnowsley Harriers AC    
7528:11   James Fletcher SENM     
7628:12   Claudia McLean SBV45WKnowsley28:1225:3819.6 
7728:15   Patrick Davidson SENMMersey Tri    
7828:21   Onnor Hampson SBV45WKnowsley28:2123:4217.0 
7928:34   Sharon Martin PBV40WKnowsley28:3428:3421.9 
8028:58   Karen Irwin PBV50WKirkby Milers28:5828:5823.1 
8129:28   Jill Hudson-Browne SBV40WKnowsley29:2827:3423.8 
8229:40   Paul Blaney SENM     
8329:42   Clare Pascoe  V40WKnowsley25:2425:2418.4 
8429:48   Jim Garvey SBV70MPenny Lane29:4828:5924.2 
8530:03   Sue Towner SENWPenny Lane Striders    
8630:49   Agata Rutkowska SBV35WWidnes Wasps30:4927:0221.4 
8730:52   Neil Spencer SENM     
8830:54   Phil Robinson SENMKnowsley Harriers AC    
8930:58   Peter Davies SENMMossley Hill AC    
9030:59   Abbey Swinney SENW     
9131:28   Gemma McGreevey SENWWidnes Wasps    
9232:40   Russ Owens SENMKnowsley Harriers AC    
9333:01   Clare Jennings SBSENWWidnes Wasps33:0127:1328.3 
9433:17   Stephanie Charman SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
9533:23   Pauline Fielding  V60WPenny Lane33:0130:5726.2 
9633:52   Susan Nevitt SENW     
9734:38   Jayne Ellis PBV50WKnowsley34:3834:3827.7 
9834:39   Lisbeth Owens SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
9934:40   Ronald Thornton  V75MKnowsley32:0531:0126.1 
10036:25   Reena Dhopate SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
10137:23   Jeanette Connor SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
10238:19   Angela Joyce  V50WPenny Lane37:0036:1232.9