City of Hull AC Champagne League 3.3 External Results
11 Apr 17
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
118:37   Gregan Clarkson SENMKingston upon Hull-1.9 
218:43   Stuart Carmichael V45MBeverley/East Hull/Kingston upon Hull0.0 
318:51   Richard Buckle V35MEast Hull-0.3Click your Clock logo
419:13   Robert Weekes V35MEast Hull-1.5 
519:25   Matthew Hayes V45MEast Hull0.4 
619:48   Nigel Sisson V45MEast Hull1.7 
720:02   Paul Teece V40MEast Hull2.5 
820:13   Scott Hargreaves SENMBridlington0.9Click your Clock logo
920:23   Darren Robert Edge V50MBeverley1.9 
1020:33   Jim Rogers V50MCity of Hull/East Hull3.1 
1120:36   Aubrey Morrell V45MBeverley2.1 
1221:08   Sophie Lee U23WCity of Hull/Leeds Uni1.8 
1321:17   Adrian Bushby V45MCity of Hull2.3 
1421:17   Simon Downs V40MKingston upon Hull/Northern Vets1.2Click your Clock logo
1521:23   Eddie Rex V40MEast Hull4.1 
1621:27   Simon Bishop V40MBeverley5.1 
1721:29   David Morrison V35MBeverley4.3 
1821:36   Dominic Mcpherson V50MCity of Hull3.7Click your Clock logo
1921:48   Paul Nippress V55MEast Hull4.1 
2021:59   Tim Pattle V35MCity of Hull5.9 
2122:04   Rob Alexander V40MCity of Hull5.7 
2222:06   Jon Wilson V40MKingston upon Hull4.3Click your Clock logo
2322:08   Stephen Glenville SENMCity of Hull3.8 
2422:10   Daniel Barrass V35MCity of Hull4.1 
2522:14   Stephen Rennie V60MCity of Hull3.3 
2622:30   Andy Guymer V35MCity of Hull4.4 
2722:48   Tim Brown V40MKingston upon Hull4.4Click your Clock logo
2822:55   Graeme Smith V40MEast Hull7.5 
2922:56   Ian Hird V55MCity of Hull6.3 
3023:07   Adrian Kamis V50MEast Hull6.1 
3123:17   Paul Cartwright V60MCity of Hull6.5 
3223:20   Lee Craven V35MKingston upon Hull5.2 
3323:27   Corinna Emily Turner SENWCity of Hull9.0 
3423:31   Ian McCoid V55MCity of Hull7.2 
3523:32   Colin Langley V45MCity of Hull8.6 
3623:33   Mark Gronow V40MKingston upon Hull8.5 
3723:34   Martin Hardey V40MEast Hull7.1 
3823:37   Lucas Meagor V40MBeverley6.7 
3923:47   Mitch Trainor V40WCity of Hull8.1 
4023:48   Derek Brown V45MCity of Hull8.5 
4123:50   Paul Body V40MCity of Hull8.4 
4223:58   Alan Smith V45MWhite City (Hull)/East Hull5.1 
4324:01   Jim Coldwell SENMCity of Hull9.2 
4424:04   Paul Bowman V55MCity of Hull7.2 
4524:04   Niki Whitaker V40WCity of Hull9.9 
4624:05   Simon King V40MWhite City (Hull)7.1 
4724:08   Andrew Johnson V45MBeverley6.5 
4824:09   Kirsty Wilson V45WEast Hull9.4 
4924:16   Neil Gordon V45MEast Hull9.8 
5024:18   Dave Playforth V50MEast Hull9.4Click your Clock logo
5124:21   James Durham V35MBeverley7.5 
5224:24   Jason Mills V40MWhite City (Hull)9.1 
5324:29   Andrew Tate V55MBeverley10.3 
5424:33   Neil May V55MBarracuda TC/City of Hull10.6 
5524:47   Marc Cooper V35MCity of Hull9.2 
5625:00   Hannah Harne SENWCity of Hull10.4 
5725:01   John Smith V60MCity of Hull11.2 
5825:01   Bruce Woodford V40MBeverley10.3 
5925:04   Mike BaggottV60MCity of Hull AC  
6025:09   Keith Conkerton V55MEast Hull10.4 
6125:10   Alan Flint V65MBeverley8.5 
6225:14   Wayne MurtaghV40MCity of Hull AC  
6325:16   Alan Bayston V50MCity of Hull12.8 
6425:16   Steve Parkinson V55MBeverley/Barracuda TC10.6 
6525:30   Stephen WalkerSENMCity of Hull AC  
6625:31   Richard Alsop V55MEast Hull12.2 
6725:34   Stuart Spooner V55MBridlington10.7 
6825:37   Gareth Botterill V35MBeverley12.7Click your Clock logo
6925:48   Patrick Walker V40MCity of Hull12.3 
7025:49   Uel Webb SENMBeverley13.2 
7125:53   Lorna Fallon SENWCity of Hull14.0 
7225:57   Lucy Stamford V40WBeverley11.4 
7326:28   Graham Naylor V65MWhite City (Hull)10.3 
7426:40   Paul Andrews V50MEast Hull14.6 
7526:46   Robert Wells V40MEast Hull13.1 
7627:00   Rachel Anderson V35WWest Hull12.7 
7727:06   David RiversV45MKingston AC  
7827:12   Ian Tasker V45MWhite City (Hull)13.9 
7927:15   Madeleine Chadwick V40WCity of Hull13.3 
8027:34   Tina Brown V45WCity of Hull15.7 
8127:42   Laura Emms SENWGreat Bentley/Wolverhampton & Bilston/Beverley14.2 
8227:43   Peter Watkinson V60MBeverley13.8 
8327:49   Jayne Dale V55WBeverley14.1 
8427:54   Mark Oglesby V50MBeverley18.8 
8527:58   David Foster V60MBridlington15.9 
8628:17   Debbie Jacketts V40WEast Hull14.7Click your Clock logo
8728:18   Andrea Keen V40WCity of Hull16.1 
8828:19   Stuart Buchan V55MCity of Hull10.7 
8928:23   Pam EdgarV45WCity of Hull AC  
9028:24   Debbie Smith V40WWhite City (Hull)14.2 
9128:25   Tom O'BrienSENMCity of Hull AC  
9228:27   Stephen Richmond V60MBeverley12.7 
9328:29   Stacy Foxworthy SENWWest Hull Ladies/West Hull13.2 
9428:33   Andy CollinsonV50MBeverley AC  
9528:36   Rebecca Lawtey V35WCity of Hull17.8 
9628:37   Stephen Coveney V65MCity of Hull14.4 
9728:47   Janet Kay V50WEast Hull15.5 
9828:59   Roy Dennison V65MCity of Hull16.4 
9929:01   Dean FieldV50MBeverley AC  
10029:03   David Johnson V50MCity of Hull18.0 
10129:05   Steven Poulsom V50MEast Hull16.6 
10229:10   Rachael PattleSENWCity of Hull AC  
10329:18   Stephen Brotherton V45MBeverley18.6 
10429:22   David Monaghan V45MCity of Hull17.0Click your Clock logo
10529:27   Mandy Davison V50WEast Hull18.4 
10629:35   Helen Duncan SENWCity of Hull16.9 
10729:37   Andrew Meese V40MBeverley17.8 
10829:39   Mike O'Brien V55MCity of Hull16.2 
10929:41   Lizzie WardaleSENWWest Hull Ladies  
11030:27   David Parkes V50MWhite City (Hull)18.2 
11130:34   Shaun McManusV55MWhite City RRC  
11230:40   Kevin McManus V60MCity of Hull20.7 
11330:57   Rachel Whittaker V35WWest Hull/West Hull Ladies17.4 
11430:59   Michael Jameson SENMCity of Hull21.1 
11531:13   Liz Draper SENWWest Hull/West Hull Ladies17.5 
11631:14   Rebecca JohnsonSENWWest Hull Ladies   
11731:22   Sophie QuintonSENWWest Hull Ladies  
11831:27   Mariana Barbera V40WBeverley25.0 
11931:41   Jeffrey Copping V65MCity of Hull22.5 
12031:59   Sue Reast V50WCity of Hull20.2 
12132:11   Eileen P Henderson V55WCity of Hull19.9 
12232:19   Karen Scott V40WWest Hull22.8 
12332:26   Sophie ClubleySENWCity of Hull AC  
12432:36   Rachael Benson V40WWhite City (Hull)23.0 
12533:15   Martina AkrillV35WWest Hull Ladies   
12633:30   Kate O'BrienSENWCity of Hull AC  
12733:31   Sarah Wilson V50WWest Hull23.0 
12833:32   Christine Whitehouse V60WBeverley22.6 
12933:37   Jen Walker V50WWest Hull23.0 
13033:44   Peter Kirk V75MCity of Hull23.5 
13133:46   Christine HemingwayV55WCity of Hull AC  
13233:47   Jane Allen V35WWest Hull23.3 
13334:09   Maria Diaz V50WWest Hull24.9 
13434:15   Sheila Maddison V55WEast Hull24.7Click your Clock logo
13534:55   Samantha Wishart V40WWest Hull/West Hull Ladies21.3 
13634:59   Catriona Williamson V55WBeverley24.4 
13735:10   John Pawson V70MCity of Hull22.8 
13835:24   Pam Atkins V70WBeverley23.5 
13935:30   James Braithwaite U20MWhite City (Hull)28.6 
14035:36   Frank Harrison V75MCity of Hull25.6 
14135:46   Penelope Booth V60WBeverley24.5 
14235:48   Victoria Evins V45WBeverley25.2 
14336:16   Julie Thomson V55WCity of Hull27.2 
14436:44   Katie May V50WCity of Hull27.1 
14537:35   John Boardley V70MBeverley27.9 
14637:55   Denise Carter V40WWhite City (Hull)26.6 
14739:34   Andrea Thomson V45WWest Hull28.9 
14839:35   Sarah Tock V40WBeverley26.7 
14940:57   Ian HairsineV50MCity of Hull AC